Oral herpes / mouth sores won't go away help

Hi ... I am new to the group and desperate for solution. I have had RA for 28 years. I am on Humira, prednisone, arava, Motrin 800 for past 10 years no real issues. In may 2017 I had a oral herpes outbreak like never before. Sores inside mouth, cheeks, gums, lips, throat, and burning tongue. Doctor prescribed acyclovir and it still took 8 weeks to heal and they are back. Going on 4 weeks trying valtrex. Anybody relate or have a solution / scared and sad

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  • Hi. You have my sympathy and empathy as I had Shingles last year. Apart from sores on my scalp face and inside one ear, I had a number of sores on my tongue. It was very scary and just to make things worse I got oral Thrush too! It's left a bald patch on my tongue. I'd had a depo medrone shot a few days before and my rheumy believes that's what triggered it. As a result she hasn't allowed any steroids since.


  • Difflam mouthwash is excellent...anaesthetises and heals

  • Thanks

  • Ps. Just to add...it took 4 different Drs before I got correctly diagnosed! I was on Acyclovir too...the highest dose-5 a day for 7 days. Dr said on that dose it shouldn't return however there was an increased risk of post herpetic neuralgia, which I do suffer from time to time.

  • Getting a correct diagnosis is key I believe. Right now they are saying it's the Humira - funny thing is the Humira is working so well for the RA. Thank you for sharing your experience

  • You're very welcome. I do hope it gets figured out soon for you.


  • Doctor said, could be thrush with shingles. Going to take Valtrex, a medication for Thrush, and stop the Humira and prednisone. Sad about the Humira- do you take Humira still?

  • I've never taken Humira-I'm on Mtx which is well known for causing mouth ulcers. The solution is to take Folic acid. I don't know if Humira has similar issues.

  • I have to take acyclovir on regular schedule, yrs of having the type two but similar. If I feel I'm getting flu feeling I take more than my usual two and if had enough get valtrex since it is more potentent. I don't drink it instantly gives me Candida and need my ometrezaprol, spelling ?. The first outbreak is always the worse, and if I get any type infection brings on symptoms. My sympathies but I know it will get better for you. I had to stop humira and take just methotrexate which reduces the problem. Your not alone and know that we care for you very much.

  • Thank you.

  • I believe a folic acid deficiency causes sores, lesions, and ulcers in the mouth as well. Have the rheumatologist check for deficiency.

    I will pray for you, I can't imagine how you must feel! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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