Lysine/Herpes(Cold sores) and RA

I was wondering if anyone has tried Lysine supplements for their RA? I came across a website (search David W Gregg and Rheumatoid arthritis) in which he gives a theory that RA is somehow related to the herpes/cold sore virus and he gives details of patients who took lysine which made their symptoms better.

Lysine supplement is supposed to help prevent and treat cold sores and mouth ulcers so I've bought some to see if they can help with the mouth ulcers I've developed since starting on methotrexate 3 weeks ago. I also get cold sores and think I might have got RA after having a bad case of cold sores that spread inside my nose when I had chicken pox a few years ago.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has noticed a link between herpes virus and RA. Also before I start taking the Lysine has anybody else tried it?

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  • I'll be interested in looking at this as the first thing that took me to my GP was recurrent cold sores. I was getting them every couple of weeks and felt really run down. I also had awful scabs inside my nose. The GP ran blood tests which showed raised esr and rheumatoid factor. The symptoms got worse until a couple of months later I had my first proper flare. Thanks for sharing and I hope the Lysine helps you x

  • Hi jb

    I've had RA for 21 years and never had a cold sore. My husband gets them when he's run down, maybe one or twice a year but he has never passed one on to me. I would check with your gp or rheumy department before taking the supplement.

    KiKi x

  • Hiya jbwalley. Like kikideelili I've never had a cold sore or mouth ulcer either before I was diagnosed or since diagnosis & been on MTX 5 years. I think if you're predisposed to them then you'd probably be susceptible to getting them anyway & often times of stress can bring them on. My m-i-l used to get them from using gloss paint when decorating, she had a proven allergy to the chemicals & it presented as a cold sore breakout.

    If you're considering using it I would run it by your Rheumy first just to make sure, as you would any other supplement. Always best to be on the safe side with anything that's not specifically prescribed for you.

  • I have always been prone to cold sores. I was diagnosed with RA a year ago. I had my first coldsore this week. I have been suffering with nose sores (big angry white pimples) which burst and eave scabs. I am only on MTX. I would love to get rid of them - they get worse, 2 days after taking MTX!

  • Hi

    Maybe there is a link between cold sores and RA so it'd be interesting to hear from more people.

    I bought lysine tablets from a health store and I could tell I was getting a coldsore so been taking 3 of these tablets daily and the cold sore never fully appeared ( which is unusual for me)and also my mouth ulcers are getting much better and no new ones have appeared. I looked up some info on the web and it looks like there's been research to show that lysine can help so it might be worth a try. Hope your sores clear quickly.

  • I have RA & cold sores/lesions in my throat, mouth, & lips. I've tried lysine (on my pharmacist's recommendation. I feel like it helped. I ran out and ended up w a bad round on my lips (it's horribly painful! :-/)

    Lysine is just an amino acid. It can't hurt, and I really think it helped!

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