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Bony lumps on my feet

I have a number of pea-sized bony growths developing on my feet and ankles.

Does anyone have experience of these? Do you know what they might be?

I walk a lot - it's my hobby as well as therapy! - and I would hate for them to interfere with my walking.

A couple of them rub in my walking shoes and are a bit red.

This RA malarkey isn't too much fun, is it? :-(

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They could be noduless. I have had them on feet and now have on wrists and elbows .You are so lucky to be able to walk alot.I used to belong to a walking club before diagnosed and would think nothing of walking 15- 18 miles every Sunday. Miss it.


Thanks Fra-22. When I was diagnosed four years ago I could barely walk 200 yards.

I'm stable on my drugs, have had physio, started Pilates and swimming and have gradually built up my stamina walking. I used to think nothing of a 20 mile walk (did the Moonwalk a couple of times).

It's taken a long time to get fitter again (I managed 10 miles recently 😀). I don't want some nobbly lumps to get in the way of that!

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Jem95, those nodules developed on my feet when I was on MTX but have since disappeared. I was only on MTX for a short while. Actually, it might have been HCL which I was in for about 15 months x


Thanks Mistydawn. I'm on both MXT and HCL 😮 It's but likely I'll come off either of them in the short term.

Hopefully the nodules won't get in the way of my walking.

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Hi Jem,

you may find this section on our website helpful:

Beverley (NRAS helpline)


Hi Beverley, thanks for the link - very helpful 😀x


Very interesting and loads if info.thanks


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