Lumps, bumps and high heels

I ventured to put my heels on....first time in months and thought might be nice to wear walking the short walk to see my customer ....gently and hesitantly put my foot into the first and then the second .....walked gently and slowly and was an amazing feeling- I so miss my shoes, now three hours later realise might not have been such a great idea.

Anyway my question is I have become aware of lumps and bumps over my feet and one or two on my long they have been there I cannot say, certain became aware of them a few months ago. Is this another part of RA or is it anti-TNF.? Would be great to get some thoughts from you guys before I mention to my rheum. nurse.

Hope you are all as good as you can be


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  • Hi Katie, I miss my shoes too! Still got a cupboard full I can't bear to get rid of.

    Re your lumps, I've got two on my right hand/wrist. They appeared very suddenly after a day where my hand had been extremely painful. If I press them they feel slightly squidgy and quite tender. As to what they are, I'm afraid I can't help you, as I'm waiting until my rheumy appointment in a few weeks to mention them to the nurse. I'm not on anti TNF, only MTX. Here's hoping we can find out more!


  • Oh Caroline, I am the same regarding my shoes....all sit in the cupboard and mock me. I just had to try these ones today.....

    My lumps are not painful at all......maybe we will both find out in a few weeks time...we can compare notes.....and in the meantime maybe flat shoes will become amazingly attractive


  • I wonder if they could be rheumatoid nodules? or on the hand it could be a ganglion (I have one of those on the hand) & it's squidgy when you press it. The other lumps are much firmer. I decided to keep it when I was told it was harmless as it's not causing me pain but I know that you can have it removed. I was planning to ask my RA nurse about the other bumps (which I believe to be nodules) when she gets back from holiday. Hope you get some answers soon :)

  • H francherry,

    I have one or two rheumatoid least that is what I think they are, very small hard almost pinhead size on my finger joints. Not ganglion either...these are fifty pence size soft and squidgy but not painful .....looks like I too am waiting till the end of the month.

    Thank you for replying though


  • I have rheumatoid nodules on some of my fingers, most of which go up and down. Mine are soft and squashy and not hard but hurt like mad. Twinging. They have been confirmed as rheumatoid nodules. A couple have stayed permanently, but not had them on my feet. Mine are only quite small compared to what Katie seems to be experiencing, if they interfere with shoes (my blancmange feet in general, interfere with decent shoes!) These nodules were there long before I started my first biologic - Enbrel - three months ago, so mine aren't anti TNF related. I am sure I read somewhere, rightly or wrongly that MTX patients have more tendency for rheumatoid nodules ? Anyone, on this? Mine come when I have an a lot of inflammation and high disease activity. Hope yours soon subside, Katie. xx

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