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My feet are on fire!

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I have just come home from work, a very manic day today. I did between 50 and 70 breakfasts, kept running out of everything. Been on my feet for 6 and a half hours. My feet are burning and my hips, legs are also on fire! I am laying down with my feet raised. I have pain in my legs under my knee going downwards towards my feet. I have had to take some pain killers to help with the pain! When the pain has moved I will get a shower. Any suggestions on what I can do to help my feet please?

Thanks for letting listening 😊

16 Replies

Sorry to hear you have literally been rushed off your feet and are in pain. I don't know if this will help but perhaps a bowl with some Epsom Salts may help ease them a little. Rest up and be kind to you now. Take care x

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Thank you I will try that. X

I was the same if I had to cover the kitchen as someone off sick y legs were shattered - I always had to come home and rest and bathe feet. I did put a chair in the kitchen on some days so I could sit as soon as possible. However I d get 70- breakfasts a lot, so probably no let up for a sit down moment.

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I am not allowed to have a chair in the kitchen. But no there would have been no time to sit down this morning. I felt like I want to walk home in bate feet they hurt so much! X

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You are protected under the equality act if it was found that it would be beneficial to have a chair perhaps the company would revise this rule. An employer has to by law make reasonable adjustments for their disabled employees.

Get a good pair of supportive shoes with a small heel. No sketchers as appear comfortable but make the problem worse according to my Orthopaedic Surgeon when he operated on my left foot. And do stretching excercises hold out and onto a cupboard at your waist height and stretch calf muscles out by moving leg out. It does help.

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I have safety toe capped boots. Not comfortable.thanjs for your replies x

A bowl of nice cool water would be good and also what Pippy said about the Epsom Salts too. Good luck and I hope it eases off, I can imagine how horrible that feels. x

Yes that's what I would do, same a springcross. Keep your feet as much as possible now home.

Look up Erythromyalgia and see if any of the symptoms fit. If so, cool gel packs and aspirin if you Ice!

So sorry to be so brief but I'm not well at the moment so can't write much x

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Sorry to hear your not well happytulip, thank you for reply. Hope you start to feel better soon. Take care x

Hi Carolsos. The Epsom salts is a good idea. If the arthritis affects your feet badly being on them all day must be like torture. I know you can't just get another job and maybe wouldn't want to but perhaps if you tell your employer he /she may let you take the weight off your feet a bit more often.

Is it possible to fit something like sorbothane inside your boots? I find it helps a little when I have to be wearing my boots for long periods of time. But it's very difficult if you cannot stop to pace yourself and elevate your feet at intervals.

Oh Carol that sounds horrendous. Poor you.

Be careful with your feet. When I went back to nursing in 2013 I only worked 2 shifts a week in outpatients. My feet used to kill me at the end. They were hot swollen and very sore. I could hardly walk back to my car.

I developed posterior tendon dysfunction in both feet from standing and had to leave. They're still bad now.

Is there another job you can do?

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Hi there kikideelili, no not really, I am coming up to 60 in December and I have only done this kind off work. I would struggle to get another job with the hours I work and I get every weekend off. I am going to see how tomorrow is at work and if I am no better will go to the doctors hopefully next week.

How's it going Carol?

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