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Feet so cold and painful!

Hello everyone

Not much to report sadly. Still no firm diagnosis. Bloods still inconclusive. Still awaiting scan appointment, was originally told it would be ultrasound but someone else mentioned MRI so I don't know. Wait and see I guess.

Anyway my reason for posting today (and apologies if this should be a question rather than a blog) but the last two days my feet have been absolutely freezing and its spreading up to my knees. I have a lot of pain in my feet anyway, feel like I'm walking on a pebbled beach most of the time. Also walking isn't easy without a stick and even then I can't walk far without wanting to rip my feet off and throw them in the nearest bin, if you know what I mean.

So my question is, does anyone else have this? I've tried all sorts, wiggling and waggling, hot water bottle, two pairs of socks but they're just like blocks of ice. I do know I have poor circulation, always have had, but the podiatrist did a pulse test on my feet and said she would expect to hear three beats per pulse on someone of my age (48), the test behind my ankles was fine but on the top of my foot just above where the toes start it was only one beat per pulse and she said that was more like a person of 90!

So please does anyone have any fool proof ideas to warm my tootsies? I'm even considering buying one of those giant heated tartan boot things that you put both feet in but I'd rather not! (I just know I'd get up to walk away, forget about the boot thing and fall flat on my face!)

Thanks for listening (reading)

Jo x

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If you can sit on the floor,with legs straight out in front of you back against sofa try and get the calves of legs on ground and bang them up and down onto floor. Great exercise for circulation

a) if you can get down on the floor

b) if you can straighten your legs

c) if you can get up again

It's a yoga exercise for leg and foot circulation.

Wishing you well.


Thanks Grace.

I might be able to get down on the floor and I might be able to straighten my legs out. But getting up again? Ooer not too sure on that one! :-\

I'll keep you posted :-)


It's alright I just dropped 2kgs of dried dog food all over the floor, I can't even bend down to pick it up. Dogs are very happy though.

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Goodness I did almost the same thing just a few days ago not as much as 2kg but my little doggie was very pleased about it too!


If youre not keen on the heated boots what about just heat pads (the long ones) you can wrap around your feet, least you wont trip over when you stand up. You can also use them everywhere else on your body.

Just a thought.




Have you got a hot paraffin wax bath? I've never tried mine in my feet but I don't see why that wouldn't work equally well as with hands. Then you could dip your feet in it one at a time and wrap each in a towel and a plastic bag and sit back and enjoy the process? Keep the dog away though! Tilda x


Thanks Jo and Tilda! :-) I'll give anything a try at the mo. It's hard to explain but they feel 'chilled to the bone' in that any heat source I have tried only seems to warm the surface and not get deep down. They're a bit like partially thawed steaks as in the middle still feels frozen. Very uncomfortable. I've got a couple of heat pads but they're not very long and I haven't found anywhere on this little rock that sells wax baths (been wanting to try that for ages) so I think t'internet shopping here I come!


I got mine on the internet and it's great. I could fit a whole foot in at a time but then my feet are very small. Have you been back to the doctor yet about these frozen feet though? Tilda x


Earliest appointment I could get was 18th March. K could see a different doctor before that but last time I saw a different one he shook my hand by way if a greeting and i nearly went through the roof and he couldn't understand why. So I'd rather wait and see my proper GP. But if it gets too bad I'll head off to A&E

Jo x


Yes please do it doesn't sound quite right. Xx


hi lilac i got this as well had knee operation 2 weeks ago and its gone worse

only thing i can surgest

important DO NOT TRY TO WARM YOUR FEET UP IN FRONT OF A FIRE otherwise you will make matters worse and end up with chill blanes and you dont want them

try rubbing some e45 on your feet before bed time to aliviate skin problems and cracking

another thing when you get tense as i do you small blode vessels in you feet can contract and make the feet go colder than usuall (so a little bit of it is in the mind i know its hard not to think about them but that is just another pointer)

not walking squarley can attribute to all sorts of stress on your feet im going to phisio now at moment and im haveing real problems post op with my feet hurting so if i find anything out will mail you later

oh and dont elevat the feet above your hips this is only for inflamation

try dangling them over ther setee and swinging them a bit to get some circulation back in them

regards john

ps i hate cold feet worse than a broken bone


Thanks for the good advice John and good luck with your physio :-)


I don't have cold feet, but I sympathise with the painful 'pebbled beach' walking. The balls of my feet and ankles ache all the time atm. Btw the one boot thing sounds a bad idea! 😂


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