Surgery done and dusted and i am home.....

Surgery done and dusted and i am home.....

Well 24hrs after surgery i am home. It was worse than was expected,but not to the surgeon..xxxxxx


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  • Wishing you a wishing a speedy recovery Sylvi. All the best x

  • Blimey Sylvie! Home already and the start of your recovery. Welcome back, you and your beautiful photos have been missed. Huge hugs


  • I have only been gone a day darling.xxxxx

  • It feels longer somehow. Still glad to see you back though.


  • I was gobsmacked when the surgeon said i could go home after the drain had been taken out.xxxxx

  • Goodness I was just thinking of you 💜 Love and hugs and swift healing 💜

  • Rest up now you are home 😴. I hope it has been a success and made a big difference to your pain xx

  • Please take it easy.....just enjoy putting your feet up and taking photos and watching the world go by....

  • Hi Sylvi, they do rush you home these days. Good to hear from you and wish you a speedy recovery. Take care, Sue xx

  • That seems quick to be home Sylvi. Do take good care, recovery is often the mainstay of a successful op so no overdoing things. I know you find it hard but I really think this time it's necessary. Much love to you. x

  • You'll get no argument from me on that darling.xxxx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Sylvi. Hope you are now over the worst, you'll be getting better every day now. Xx

  • Been thinking of you Sylvi. Speedy recovery & you will be water skiing with me next week :)

  • You wish darling.xxxxx

  • Wow! I can't believe you are home already.

    Speedy recovery but take it easy Sylvi. Accept any help offered to you.

    Wishing you all the best x

  • Can't believe they sent you home so soon! Hope you have a speedy recovery, Sylvi. What hospital were you in?

  • University hospital Coventry,i was the third of the same operations on Thursday.xxxx

  • Think that is one of the few time's I've heard something good being said about Walsgrave! Take care. xo

  • You take care now and don't play your husband up , speedy recovery Sylvi 💕💕Dawn

  • Speedy recovery Sylvi, no over doing things, rest up, be looked after my lovely. Xx Rie

  • Take care x Rest well x

  • Glad you are home and I wish you speedy recovery.

  • Oh my word, home already! As long as you take it easy, no running about, & definitely no star jumps either 😅 ... Keep us posted though Slyvi. xx

  • So good to hear from you. Well done being home and able to let us know how you are, so soon.

    Wishing you the speediest of recoveries and the very best outcome Sylvi.


  • wishing you a speedy recovery take it easy let yourself heal x

  • Glad you are home and I hope you recover well and it resolves your back issues. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Sylvi

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery. Been thinking of you as I know how much you have been suffering. xx

  • Welcome home! Speedy recovery and lots of r and r!

  • Speedy recovery x

  • Wow i wasn't expecting so many replies and thank you all from the bottom of my

  • Well we notice when you're not here! Hope it was a great success and no more pain.

  • Onwards and upwards Sylvi, let's hope this is the start of much improvement health wise for you. Take it easy xxx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Sylvi 😷😃x

  • What advice have you been given after such a swift discharge? Sorry to hear it was worse than you expected. Surgery is a trauma to the body so if the hospital won't nurse you, I trust you'll nurse yourself! Take care.

  • I have to walk several times a day even if it is just up and down the close.Not to get too stiff by sitting in one spot all day. Rest and no Heavy lifting which to me means no gardening.xxxxxx

  • I'm so pleased you are home, take care and just enjoy your garden, not work in it!!! Hugs x

  • No gardening will be your greatest challenge then! I remind myself not to do things (sometimes!) by thinking: 'Just because I can doesn't mean that I should'. I usually forget activities that have caused pain and only remember when I've hurt myself. You're probably more sensible!

  • I don't know about that,but gardening is out unless i am out there with my camera. I have a job getting comfy though.xxxx

  • Hope you heal quickly and that pain levels are lowered x

  • Wow, they've thrown you out quickly! I hope you weren't misbehaving! Now you need to allow your body to recover from the surgery - no doing too much! Keep us posted on your progress.

  • Will do.xxxxx

  • glad your ok, and wish you a speedy recovery xxxx NO means NO XXXXX

  • I know Craig and to be honest i have no inclination to do anything. I want to be as well as i can be and i am not going to do anything to spoil that.xxxxx

  • good girl lol xxx your not alone my surgical team want to fuse the mid foot section of BOTH my feet!! as a little bit of of a fun. apparently this will help with me walking like Quasimodo and shouting out THE BELLS,THE BELLS !! XXX this wonderful idea will take around 18months from start to finish .

  • Your feet must be bad the Craig. My next surgery is on my hammer toes and i see the surgeon for that next month when he will put me on the list. Then we are talking a three month wait so that gives me time to recover from this lot of surgery i have had.xxxxxx

  • i dont want it ,but boss lady is on the yes you will path lol xxx

  • Good old boss lady she knows best.xxxxx

  • Speedy recovery and take care. I was thinking of you yesterday. We went to a fun Dog show and I won a 70s colouring book on in a tombola stall. It's brilliant . Take care xx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery and a reduction in the pain and suffering you have gone through. All the best


  • Hi Sylvi.

    So sorry I havent been in touch,seemed to have lost this forum altho others still on there.Managed to get back in it now but I suspect it was operator error ie me.

    Good to hear you are home following your op,but you must obey their advice and cut out the heavy stuff and dont overdo it -- I know what you're like,

    Please take care,do your daily exercises and get well soon.

    Sending very best wishes for a speedy recovery.



  • You know me so well darling,i seem to have overdone the walking and i have paid for it since Saturday,yesterday was quite bad. This morning i am having the clips out this morning and i will speak to my nurse and see what she has to say and she might even get my dr in to look at me.xxxxx

  • Now why doesnt that surprise me ?

    Just be careful and do what doc says .

    Take care.



  • I am i promise you that as the pain before the surgery was getting so bad i could hardly move. This pain is completely different it is a healing pain if you know what i mean.xxxx

  • I know what you mean but a pain is still a pain.Its your bodys protection mechanism and warning sign.If you are in pain then stop so you don't do yourself any damage.



  • I will,to be honest i am getting good at knowing when to stop now.xxxx

  • Thats got to be a first sylvi.


  • Your like the girls in the opticians laughing with me about not doing as i am told. I have been out in the garden with my camera for a little bit and i had to stop so came indoors and here i sit.xxxxx

  • Have to get your hubby to tie you to the chair mrs.


  • Do you honestly think that would work darling.xxxxx

  • Possibly not,but at,least he could say he tried.-- ha ha ha


  • Wishing you a well healed recovery Sylvi.

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