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5th Covid Vaccine - done and dusted 🤜💥🤛

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Morning Peeps 😊

It's a beautiful sunny day where I am today 😎 I hope you are able to enjoy it one way or another; I will walk tp work today, so that I can enjoy it for that time at least.

I finally went for my 5th Covid vaccine yesterday evening 🥳I have had a few attempts previously, but have been too poorly to attend. I had to go to a big Covid centre, rather than my local chemist, because locally I couldn't choose to have Pfizer. I wanted to have Pfizer because my last three vaccines have been Pfizer - just a personal choice to not have a third different vaccine. When I got there, they said that they were offering Moderna to all adults and were keeping Pfizer for under 18s. I explained my situation with RA and my meds etc and they agreed I could have a choice - I think I was very lucky to be offered that choice, to be honest.

Anyhoo, apart from a slight ache in my upper arm, when I lift it, all seems absolutely fine 🙂

BTW, I took along my most recent GP script- showing my meds - which had Metoject on it. I also took my empty Tocilizumab box to show I have that. They didn't ask to see either - they simply asked me for my NHS number, D.O.B. address and asked me why I needed my 5th vaccine, so I told them about MTX and Tocilizumab. I expected to have to show proof, but no! After my vaccine, the lovely nurse said we'll see you in the Autumn for your next one 😊

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Glad you got sorted successfully!I went to get my 4th jab yesterday…. having searched hi & lo to find a location closer than 22 miles.I had phoned at the weekend to make sure the walk in centre 6 miles away was still open & would be open all this week…..& was assured that it was.


They are only open F/S/Sun! So I’m off again tomorrow.

I do wish when someone is allowed to answer a phone on an information line …someone checked they knew the right answers!

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Oh 😣That must have been so frustrating! I hope you have better luck tomorrow 🤞When I drove the 7 miles to the centre yesterday, I had to drive, finally, about 5 miles down a particular stretch, then come off to go round a roundabout, and back over the same road etc. However, after the said 5 mile stretch, came off and somehow drove back down the same 5 mile stretch of road on the opposite side! 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 I nearly decided to drive straight back home 😖. But I gave myself a good talkng to over the 5 mile stretch towards home, and tried again - successfully the second time round 😅

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I have lived in this area for 16 years & had never been to the town I was heading for - all of 6 miles away…. … after I thought I’d driven about 6 miles I did a U-turn to go back to read a road sign…. & I still had 2 miles to go😳But I did see a shopping precinct that I had seen advertised and wondered where it was …..but couldn’t be bothered to find out …..so when I go tomorrow I can go and have a wander around there!

I don’t think either of us will win a prize for navigation do you?

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Well today I got my fourth vaccination okay…but then I found out the NHS records still have my third Primary vax as a Pfizer booster after two AZ Primaries…instead of as a third primary.😫Somehow……their records show that 3rd injection as a second Pfizer…but that would mean I’d already had 4 injections.

Luckily I had taken along my vaccination cards with the correct info…so the nurse has updated the computer…..but said to wait a week or two & then check with 119……& she did give me my booster….my 4th injection.

BUT….I have been singing the praises of 119…...because I had pointed out that the third injection I had in November 2021…the first Pfizer type…was in fact my third primary & not a booster…..& in January 2022……..119 telephoned me to say it had been corrected…but apparently it hadn’t….so whose records did they amend I wonder…if any?

So it seems the muddle continues…I checked on my GP site & my vaccination records still say 2of2 Pfizer vaccinations….on 29/11/21.

I give up……..

But at least I didn’t get lost driving to the clinic today!

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Are you still on retuximab AC? I was wondering how long you waited from your last retuximab infusion to have your 4th vaccine.

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AgedCrone in reply to sunnyweek

I had my last Rtx infusion in January…..so about 5 months…but I only had about 6 weeks after my 3rd vaccination prior to that infusion …because I was well overdue the jab…& rheumy advised me to go ahead with it. The Rtx hasn’t worked well at all this time, if at all.

As usual none of the rheumatology team will give a definitive answer - basically they are saying “well sometimes an infusion doesn’t work”…..but it’s the first time years I have gone backwards after an infusion.

Now I am going to wait almost 3 months before I have my next infusion late August early September…in fact that is only 8/9 months between infusions…..then the plan is to wait 8/10 weeks for jab No 5.

I honestly wonder if anyone really knows how to deal with the time gaps…of course it will be different for everyone…especially if they have other health issues to consider.

Luckily although I’m in more pain than usual…I’m not in agony…so maybe it’s the right thing for me?

As long as the sun shines..I’ll survive!

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I know you love the sun! It seems to be a case of sorting ourselves out regarding infusions and jab timescales. Sorry Retux hasn't been quite so good this time for you.

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😂😂😵‍💫My sides are hurting from laughing so much!! 🤣🤣

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AgedCrone in reply to Moomin8

Do not mock Moomin8…it could happen to you!😂

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Knip in reply to AgedCrone

That's appalling, AC! I bet you were fuming, even though you probably tried to hide the fact that you were! x

Hooray! Hope to get mine soon too but having the Rituximab infusions meant I’ve had to delay it.

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Darn it ☹️

I had my fifth jab this week at a local centre here in Shropshire and despite taking info with me nobody bothered to ask me anything presumably as I clearly hadn’t turned up to have fun in the vacco clinic on a Monday 😄 😷!

Previously have had four Pfizers and was hoping for another as I’ve never had any side effects but this time only Moderna on offer. Really didn’t want a different one but bit the bullet and no side effects from that either, apart from what seems like the obligatory sore arm, so very happy although do slightly feel like a pin cushion these days. It won’t be long before the Autumn and number 6 and the flu vacc………I know how to enjoy myself.

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Had my 5th and decided I could now be classed as a pin cushion. Definitely not a complaint and appreciate everything that is being done.

That's good. I am pleased that you have managed to get the vaccine you wanted. I have had three different vaccines. First two, az, second pfizer and third modsrna. I questioned three different ones and he said that pfizer and moderna were made the same way so acted in the same way. I was fine after both of them. Not well after az.

Glad you got it sorted. Like you I also went armed with prescription, empty Abatacept Box, letter from last clinic appointment & the letter regarding getting 3rd primary vaccination. I actually forgot my little vaccination card! Like you they didn’t want to see it as all info on screen. I was offered Moderna too but I had this last time & was unwell so hubby parting words were don’t have Moderna so when offered it I said I would come back a different day. A different nurse overheard who said she thought there were 2 doses left in the fridge of Pfizer which needed using by 4pm. As it was already 3pm I was offered that instead. They even said I was doing them a favour as otherwise it had to be thrown away. So win win in the end x

I had my 5th covid vaccine yesterday even though I am in a bad flare. I have had to stop Orencia injections due to several chest and urine infections. It has been 16 weeks now without meds, rheumys not offering any Help. Has anyone tried CBD OIL or similar. This pain is getting worse and I am desperate for some refief. HELP

Well done you! We keep getting topped up like a magic wine glass 😃

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I wish! 🪄 🍷 😊

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