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Done and dusted

Afternoon one and all, i'm home at last. We left at 10.30am for walsgrave hospital where we had appointment at the private hospital theregot there ok and we were well looked after. We came away £335.26 poorer,but it was worth it if it speeds up the operation. Then we went to the george eliot for blood tests for both of us,what a palaver that was. Just as well we in the meter for 1 1/2 hours as that was as long as it took to get blood tests done. T|hen as we were leaving we call in at the pals, it is the liasion service for the hospital. I had a right royal moan about my treatment there and to see if they could find out when my bone density scan would be done as it is urgent i get it done asap for mr spalding before he does my knee. I also got the address and name of the person that i have to write too. I am going to try and claim back the money we have spent to get an answer. I think thats the least they can do.

Now my hubby has gone to the garage to get new tyres We need four so thats more expense that we have to pay out for. God why does everything cost so much,it is so worrying wondering where the next bill is coming from.

Well my friends i have had enough for one day and i am now resting and i won't be moving out of my recliner for the rest of the day.

Hope you are all well and out of pain.

Love to all.

Sylvi. xx

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Enjoy the rest off your afternoon and relax!

Sounds like you need to, too cope with the shock off the cost off the xrays! without the added cost off tyres!

I know what you mean about worrying what bills are next, everything seems so much more expensive with ra! like all the aids we need to help etc!

I know if I get a taxi, its more than double the normal cost to get one that will take me in my wheelchair which it robbery as they are only travelling the same distance, shouldnt be allowed.

Hope you get your dexa scan soon and hope all is ok with your bones, I had mine early last year, it shown that my bones were in bad shape, osteopenia range the stage pre osteoperosis, the rheumy said my bones were like someone in there 90's not there 30's!

Hope your results are better and you get the scan done quick.

You are right to put a claim in for your costs! no way should you have had to go through all this let alone have to pay for it yourself.

take care and rest

Julie x


Just had a phone call from the hospital and my bone scan is on the 25th january, hows that for moaning and getting things done. I dread to think what mine will be like. So things are looking good for a spring operation. At least i've something to look forward to,even if we are skint from the expence from today.

:Love sylvi.xx


Well done for pushing them Sylvi - if pain makes us more forceful that can only be a good thing and if it saves us expense sometimes then even better!




I agree with Tilda - you are a formidabled women when your are in pain. So they better watch out!!!

Really glad it seems to be coming together. Do you think you will get the knee op as soon as the spring?

Take care of yourself and try and rest up.

Sci x


Well done on getting all that sorted x


well done sylvi! good for you. I have a funny feeling you will re-imbursed and so you should be. take care and nite nite xxx


Morning all, Just got up, i hate having to kick up a fuss,but why should we have too. I have started to draft my letter to the hospital,it won't be the first as i want to fine tune it. It will take weeks to get it right,but that doesn't matter as i have 2 1/2yrs of agony so a few weeks to draft a letter isn't long in the scheme of things.

I don't think i will be doing anything today as yesterday was a hard slog for me.

Hope you are all well.



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