DLA form done and dusted.

Hi everyone, wish me luck, favour, grace,miracles and all the rest, filled in this form with help from a fellow sufferer who knows I would rather not say some things but insist by saying things like 'what about the other day when!!!!' I didn't realise how much my hubby does for me, guess I'm spoilt, but like he said you can't work like that, so you might as well get it. for those who are not up to speed with my story, I handed my notice in at work as they pains and fatigue and stupit brain won't let me continue, my GP suggested going off sick but my contract did not contain sickness element as I worked for a charity looking after people 24/7 living in and getting paid 30hours. now I get SSP only for the duration of my notice. I haven't felt the effects of the steroid inj yet!! hope it kicks in soon as I was thinking I would be normal and have family time on Sunday only to lose all Monday resting, then yesterday made some scones to have with fresh strawberries and cream (oh Sylvie enjoy!the Cornish variety) now my hands feel as though they have been through building a house or something as extreme, I foolishly thought that because i had the steroid I wouldn't get swelling and pain to this degree, silly me!! perhaps that's not working either, along with the MTX. 3rd of July i have my Rheumy nurse appt, thought I'd remind them that I was told to have xrays too jusst incase I got there and...wellyou know... anyway! after several attempts at leaving a message( I am scared of the nurse who's voice I hear)I had a call back within 2 hours to say they will arrange for them to be done before on the same day! some good does come out of pushing, finally received letter saying I am on the waiting list for an earlier appt with Rheumy, so I'll keep waiting aint much else I can do. Have lovely hols all you who are going and those who arn't SORRY! blog again soon.

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  • I will think of you when i have a cream tea. It is soon here my holiday. I will be fine when i get there,but i'm stressing about getting there as it is a long trip down.

    You need a food mixer that will make it easier to make scones. If you lived near me i would have brought some clotted cream back for you.xx

  • Yes I do use a mixer to blend the flour but I haven't discovered one that will roll out the dough and press them out without my wrists: got Tesco's variety of clotted cream but it doesn't do Cornwall's best ever, by allmeans bring some back and eat it for me, as my waist line (I blame the steroids) won't take much more, so much for sorting clothes!! none of mine fit, you know that question (on the dla form)that says do you have a problem deciding what to wear and need help? I felt like saying yes a new wardrobe please....Have a nice relaxing time, read a few slooppy books sitting in the SUN and sleep all you want and stop worrying, maybe you can sleep all the way there!

  • Well done for getting that horrible form filling done Caggy.

    Scones and cream mmmmmmm. Unfortunately I have to abstain due to massively high cholesterol levels that practically had my GP falling off the chair in shock. (I felt like calling a doctor for him).

    Scones feature pretty strongly where I live in Devon too.- Always debates about whether to put the cream first or the jam first. (one is Cornish and one is Devonian apparently) Also is it scone as in stone (as I pronounce it) or the other scone which my daughter insists is right?

  • Hi Creaky, well here in norfuck I call them scones as in stones, but am often shouted down as being posh! Personally devon or cornish cream so much better than TESCO's finest supposed clotted cream. I like jam then cream then top with a few slices of the freshest strawberries. best I stop thinking about them as you know what they say, it starts in the mind! on the up side, feeling a bit better only suffering fatigue and stiff fingers and wrists, BP levelling out and only 2 weeks before I see Rheumy nurse, to see if they will start me again on MTX mind you as I feel I can think straight now I'd had to lose it again. How you doing?

  • Me too on the posh thing.

    Norfuck?!! really? haha.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm still at my sister's house in Herts til next Tuesday and it has been worth the stress of getting myself up here even though it was touch and go right up to the last minute. It's a long old drive to do on your own and I've been very, very depressed for a while now with lots of pain and the desperate fatigue that gets us all..

    Being with brothers and sisters and having a laugh has been a great tonic. Although a little too much wine made me foolishly believe that I could demonstrate how to do a 'star jump'. I got lots of cheers and encouragement from the rest of the family but luckily I didn't do too much damage to my joints as I wasn't actually able to leave the ground at all. - lots of my other bodily parts moved skyward though but hey, ho! Back on the old diet again.

  • Well done on the dla form, I think you need a degree in form filling to complete this. Oh and now I 'm desperate for a cream tea for some reason?..... Lol Ax

  • Hi allanah, The pesky birds are having their share of the strawb's right now but hey ho its raining so they might just as well have the pleasure as I'm not sitting out there! I read your blog about wine, It never stopped me on MTX i mean, oh just a thought! perhaps that why I suffer! MTX = PAIN? WINE = PAIN? Banging my head against a wall = PAIN. Oh for the bygone days before RA.........

  • Yeah! Don't know as I said but some docs say yeah and some no! But all I know it makes me feel ill now! So cream tea and a pot of tea.. Mmm lovely!! Oh and hope you kept copies of ur dla form cos it helped me fill in other forms ie just copied a lot of it for my pension form, and u have to go through it again in 3 yrs!!! I have beat those pesky strawberry eater birds with two layers of netting but cos the weather here has been so bad they are very slow this year! Axx

  • Hey guess what, was out with my friend, and they had cream tea, with a pot of devon clotted cream, i couldn't resist after our chat!!! mmmmmm Axx

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