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PIP Assessment

Hi Everyone

I am looking for advice for attending the PIP Assessment.. my appointment is tomorrow morning and I'm dreading it... My partner is taking me.

Feel such a fraud sometimes as when I have just had a steroid injection its like a miracle.. I can move without pain.. but when it wears off, I dread to think..

Currently on MTX 15mg at the moment, also take 50mg Sertraline antidepressants, so anxious about tomorrow, any advice greatly appreciated.



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Hi Sue. Tell them as you are. Tell them you're stressed and anxious. Tell them as you are on your bad days. Re-read your initial form so you remember what you said

It's embarrassing but you need to tell them if d8fficultues say cooking or showering. About the tiredness, about the walking. They know how far it is from the car parks so if u I needed to stop and rest tell them. If u have a blue badge tell them.

If they ask how you are don't say fine.. They take your word you mean fine... Tell them exhausted and stressed if that's how you are. .get a number from them for a copy of your report . You can call it next day and if you want to appeal you have their report.

Most of all good luck!


Many thanks for your reply xx

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I had mine on Wed just gone strangely I didnt feel apprehensive or worried at all. My Granddaughter went with me but my thoughts were "what will be will be" You can only be honest & answer the questions put to you without rambling on & going off track. Plus they do most of the talking. I was a bit embarrased bcoz it was a guy slightly younger than me & they do ask personal questions (like toilet/hygiene etc) & you have to do a few little exercises. And I did get upset especially talking about myself & how my life/independance has changed but he was sympathetic. Ha Ha I might change my mind when I get results. But I cant grumble about his treatment of me - he was polite & kind.

Whatever the results - what will be will be. I can always appeal .

Please dont worry. They are more concerned about your physical abilitied & not your emotions or feelings SO concentrate on what you CANNOT do - forget about saying anything about what you CAN do. X


Hi, It is so sad that we all are made to feel like frauds when we are unwell. Please do not worry as it will not change anything. Go prepared. Take your prescription showing meds. Letters or reports from doctors. They have a list of criteria to follow and they will ask you those questions. As has been said speak about your bad days but don't call them that. Explain that good days are only after steroids. They may ask you to do physical tests like raising arms etc, Ask if you can sit for long amounts of time (mention pain) Use computers (mention brain fog, headaches etc). Good luck


I'm a bit late to this, missed it yesterday but just to say I agree with allanah, tell it like it is on a bad day. If you've still time before you leave have another read through your application form, particularly the additional notes you gave. If you've gathered any further written info since you returned your form take them with you, the assessor can include them with the report he/she sends back to the DWP.

One thing I'd like to add is to be aware that your assessment starts from when the assessor calls your name in the waiting room, as the distance from there to the room is a set length (mine was 15m as noted in my award letter) so he/she will be watching how you rise from the seat, if you need any help to do so, how you walk, if you use your stick or walking aid if you have one, if not if use your partner for stability etc.

All the very best. Let us know how you think it went.


Hi Sue

Just seen your post. I truly hope that you meeting with the PIP went well. Please keep us posted as to how you got on. Take good care of yourself. Jan101 🤗🤗🌹🌷🌺🌸xxx


Hi and thanks for all of your replies, really appreciate it.

This morning was better than I thought, the person doing the assessment told me she was a nurse, she sat in front of a computer and advised that she would be asking me questions about my RA and how it affects my everyday life. The questions were basically what was on the form I had completed for PIP. The nurse said she would be typing in answers as I said them in my own words, she must've been a touch typist as I felt like I was rambling on a bit. My partner was with me and he backed me up on some of the questions, especially the embarrassing ones explaining when he has to help me when pain is too bad... at the end of the questions the nurse asked me to sit on a chair in front of her and do some movements, touch each finger with my thumb, raise arms, legs etc... that was it.

I was in about 1 hour and at the end of the assessment the nurse advised that if my claim is unsuccessful I would be asked back at some point as due to my condition being ongoing and likely to change they need to review?? I had felt it went ok until she said that, but hey ho, as already said what will be will be.. up to 8 weeks for a decision, don't hold out any hope of success.

Thanks for advice

Take care everyone




Fingers crossed for you.

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