Pip assessment

Just looking for advice on what to expect really. Never applied before. Last 12 months or so I have been struggling.

My appointment is 4th July. We go away tommorow for two weeks. Hospital has just upped Mtx to 25mg and preds to 15mg to try and calm things down.

Looking forward to a rest no work or driving for two weeks and the meds kicking in. I know I will be a lot better.

I will feel guilty and like I have exaggerated things on my form when I go for the assessment.

Any advice welcome. Obviously do not want it if I am well but work is taking a lot out of me.

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  • Just tell them how y are on your worst day and you'll be fine check Nras page for help how to fill in form and they will give you all the help you need

  • I did get the booklet on how to fill in the form. It was really helpful. I was surprised at the things I had problems with and have adapted.

    Just thinking I will hopefully be good after a holiday and will have been on increased steroids for three weeks.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Thank you. Will have a look.

  • Hi moomie :) I have posted advice on these threads in the past:




    I used advice from the Benefits and Work website. You pay a joining fee of £20, but they'll give it back to you if you don't get PIP! :) The NRAS do an advice booklet too.

    Good luck! 😀

  • Thanks Flow will have a good read. Great advice as usual.

  • Hey, nothing you'll have included on your application form will have been exaggerated!!! That's just not you & I (we) know how things have been of late so don't you be worrying. If it helps I posted how my face to face went here healthunlocked.com/nras/pos.... If there's something specific you're concerned about & I hadn't covered you know where I am.

    Hope you feel the benefit of your increases quickly.

    Enjoy your hols, relax & then it'll be here, all will be fine. xxx

  • Thanks nomoreheels. I will have a read through later. That will be great too.

    Looking forward to the break so much.

    Had a treat. yesterday and got my toenails and fingersnails painted. Sparkles !

    We have a long drive now to Portsmouth for the ferry but I can sit back. Probably sleep again 😊.

    I hope you are going on ok with your side effects from SSZ.

    Take care yourself and thanks again


  • Sorry for late reply moomie, issues with the site. I hope the crossing was a smooth one & you're settling in.

    Sparkly nails eh? What colour?

    Things aren't too bad thanks, though it's not working on the inflammation. I'll leave it til after Monday once my h is settled & the op's over with then contact the nurse to see if I'd be better stopping it before my appointment with her on the 8th.

    Hope the weather's fine & you have a lovely relaxing time. Are Keegan & Tottie with you? x

  • hi moomie, I've got mine this Monday,& like you have no idea what to expect, I have psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis,on humira & mtx, had to give up work ,will let you know how it goes

    have a great holiday & relax ☺

  • Thank you. Good luck.

    Sorry internet is not so good.

  • Also get C.A.B. To help you complete the form. There is also a very good site - Benefitsandwork (all one word) that tells you what to look out for and gives advise

  • thanks idwilliams

    I shall have a look, I'm new to all this & it's such a nightmare, but will keep smiling 😊

  • The link is citizensadvice.org. The form & assessment is difficult for many people because it concentrates on what you can't do & many of us have been so determined to just get on the best we can this can be a really depressing experience . But try to put that to one side & concentrate on being honest with them and with yourself

  • I feel just like that. Do not like thinkng of the difficult thinks.

  • Thank you. I did look at that actually

  • Had mine last Wednesday 15th at my home, i was so surprised that the assessor was a very considerate and pleasant lady, she phoned to say she was 20 minutes early as i was first call of the day and would i mind if she came straight away if not she would wait in her car, of course i invited her in and offered tea which she was pleased to have. I should state i am in receipt of full care and mobility awards for DLA due to finish on 17th September this year so this is to close my DLA claim and apply for PIP. She told me that it made no difference what i received now or in the past , this was a new PIP application and that is how it would be treated. She explained how it worked and that she was NOT the decision maker but was a medical proffessional whereas the DWP decision maker would have no medical knowledge. She told me she would ask me a series of questions to varify or clarify my answers given on the form, she told me if she felt i had not answered fully enough she would question me further but only to be sure that she was getting an accurate picture of my condition and how it affected me. She told me that by her own visual observation there was no need to do a "musculo- skeletal" examination and did not even ask me to try and stand. The only physical test was that she asked me to try and grip her fingers between my thumb and first knuckle of next finger as that is the only point that both my hands contact to hold anything. The lady was very straight forward, polite and considerate. But please be aware she was also very very sharp, she watched my movements like a hawk and definately observed the location of objects around me and how i would be able to reach or pick them up. I strongly feel that if anyone even for a second tried to mislead or exaggerate to this lady she would have known instantly. I was pleasantly surprised at how respectful the assessment was and i have no complaints about the way the exercise was carried out. The test was about 1 hour start to finish and she told me she would submit her report and i should expect a reply in 4 to 8 weeks time.

    I have read so many horror stories of how badly these assessments have been done and how it is almost impossible to get a home assessment. Well i got a home assessment by just asking and the actual process was a lot better than i have had at a job interview or with a bank manager. In 4 to 8 weeks i guess i will know the result and i will post it here.

    I hope your experience is as normal as mine and that you get the reward you deserve.

  • Hi moomie, Years ago, before I had any arthritis, I worked for the DHSS. From what I know of them, they like everything to be consistent, so if you photocopied your questions and answers on your form, go through them the night before any interview. and check that you will give the same answers as on the form, or do your best to remember and jot down some notes! Hope it goes O.K.

  • Thank you. I was as honest as could be .

  • Hi I applied for PIP last year and was assessed in June. I presented myself as though it was one of my worst days with RA. I would recommend that you take someone with you and let them support you in the assessment. Also I sent the PIP team a summary of how my illnesses affect me on a daily/ weekly basis. This was very detailed regarding using a raised toilet seat and friends caring for me 3-4 times a week with details of care that I need. This is hard because it reminds you of your limitations. But I think it made a real difference along with a letter from my rheumatology consultant outlining specific details of my diagnosis and how it affects my whole body.

    Adding to the above I do not need this support all the time but if the PIP assessment are aware of this they do not take your worst day symptoms seriously and see you as fit and mobile. Therefore not needing both elements of PIP mobility and care. I received both now and sending extra information to them - how my illness affects me I really do think helped.

    No one tells you that you can send extra information but you can with any benefit you are applying for it gives them a bigger and a realistic picture of how you manage and cope on a daily basis.

    I know this is lengthy but I hope it helps you to receive the benefit you deserve.

    best wishes

  • Thank you that's great

  • Try and get the interview recorded, they don't like it and will do anything to stop you, even insisting on specialised equipment for the purpose, they refused me and I informed them to allow more time for the assessment as I would have to write down a verbatim copy of what was said, with my witness noting the manner in which it was said, in the end they kept it short as I can't write shorthand. Recording makes them remember to get things right, and not lie as they did with my first one. Also take someone with you, the questions are all based upon what you can do, not what you can't, do not do anything that you find difficult, this is not an interview where you want to make yourself look good, it will work against you. You have the right to refuse to do anything that you find difficult and that is perfectly acceptable, they cannot make you. If you have any more information give them a copy. The health professional can be anyone, I had a physiotherapist do my second one and they are likely to have limited medical knowledge about anyones condition. This is a classic case of "computer says no" with very limited info from the "professional". ATOS or whoever is conducting this are not there to help you, they are there to earn a profit by saving the DWP money.

  • Thank you will do.

  • Hi I was born with Cerably palsy and been on DLA since I was five and in 2007/awarded indefinite award but had my form for Pip sent if I have face to face assment will they ask if I work as I try my best to get on with things and work part time even though a couple of shift kills me to do my doctors are usless as I don't ever see same doctor numourous different doctors I have pain every day no matter if I take tablets to not just try my best I'm so worried they will take my money away as my family and I rely on it so much my disability won't go away over night or get better for me since I was 16/it got worse I just work on a till for couple of shifts a week on a chair I'm worried this will go. Against me so wondered if they ask if you work or not thanks in advance

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