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PIP assessment 9.15 this morning.Health Professional did not arrive so I rang Capita at 10 was told if she had not arrived by 11 she would not be coming.The guy I spoke to tried to get hold on phone went to voicemail.I got in touch at lunchtime and could not get reason for not coming.One excuse was she may have been unable to find my house,which I find baffling we have deliveries often never failed.Told to phone back tomorrow when report is submitted . Its a stressful proses without this.I was first notified in Feb.Its a joke.

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Disgusting way to treat anyone never mind someone who is ill. My friend had similar happen. She arrived at the assessment centre to be told her appointment was cancelled. I wonder just how widespread this is? Hope you can get things sorted soon as the stress won't be helping you x

What a joke this Government is and an absolute disgrace to treat sick people who are in constant pain day in day out, and if it had been us that hadn't turned up our pip payment would be been stopped that day and it's about time they started treating people with a bit of dignity, hope things go well when you eventually get your assessment xxx

What is pip

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It's short for Personal Independent Payment and is a benefit introduced by this current government to support disabled individuals live as independently as they can. Entitlement is assessed on your inability to do ordinary day to day activities. So, depending on how severe your RA condition, you are awarded the higher rate, the lower rate or nothing at all. The PIP Assessment Centres are where you go to be interviewed once your application has been submitted (or quite a while after!). The Assessors carry out a routine questionnaire which they should capture all the relevant information. They then complete a report, with their recommendations, which is sent back to DWP for a decision to be made.

So many people rely heavily on this financial support just to live a normal life but there's no guarantee that this support will continue as most are regularly assessed.

Hope this helps a bit.


Yes thanks it has helped I still work in a warehouse heavy work I have been off sick for 4 months can’t see me getting better but everyone assured me it will I retire in 3 yrs so it is a bit of a worry how will I manage if I have to finish due to ill health I would rather stay in work but see how it go s thanks for info 🤗

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