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Ra sufferer

Hi all thank you all for your advice which is very much appreciated you all know my situation I have a difficult decision to make but the final decision is mine for me I need to think of my dignity (having to wait for nurses take me to the toilet in my present situation I can't go on my own at home I am free to go on my own and don't have to rely on anyone and my emotions are better) I can go from room to room do whatever want to do (even though I will still be in a wheelchair will explain below) I spoke to the physiotherapist today as an inpatient even if I get the transfer closer to home I will get physio twice a day as I have been in a wheelchair a long time it will take sometime if I go home and go as an outpatient it will take longer but they can organise someone to come to the him with basic leg exercise but of course no equipment so either way its going to be a long process also which I haven't discussed with doctors here as they have to stick to there mainstream medicines as I have said previously I have researched low dose naltrexone I am aware of a lot of people who have been immobile if I want to go that way I can only do that at home and contact the doctors I know that prescribe it but as I said I have lost my dignity am not eating as much the food is different and plus I don't have a lot of weight as it is at home I was eating much better and was happy its a big decision I have a family meeting next week to discuss my situation I have been to similar meetings with my parents when they were alive so I know how the medical team think and operate I appreciate anyone's input

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Whatever you decide Rocky, I'll be one of your biggest supporters.

Gentle Hugs,



I think you need to decide what the most important goal is for you. And then make decisions according to what would help you achieve your goal best from the choices available to you now.

Don't think too much about possible future treatments, as these are always uncertain. As we know, what works wonderfully for one person with RA won't work for another. Concentrate more on what of the options on offer now will give you best chance of recovering from knee replacement.

Yes being dependent on nurses can feel undignified, but it really isn't. It's just a short term thing so it will not be forever. And the nurses are so used to it that it's not undignified to them but normal.

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I'd be very careful of making theses type of decisions based on an emotional upset Rocky. It's can feel undignified ( giving birth similar!!) and it is hard to be away from the familiarly of home but this is short lived and if you stick with it, fir what really wont be an extended period of time, your longer term outcomes could potentially be life changing?

Whatever you decide, I genuinely wish you the very best and the best possible recovery.


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Hi, Rocky, I'm listening to what you are saying. You have to think of all people. At the end of the day your family will go which ever you say. They only want the best for you. We had this dilemma with my daughter You have to go with whatever you think is right. So gently hugs and best wishes. XXX



Hi Rocky, I think you will think carefully and consider all your options and whatever you decide in the end your family will be 100% behind you and as fellow poster say the family will only want what's best for you.

Good luck


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