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Hi all as most of you know I am in hospital after having a knee replacement everything seems fine at the moment but I am not happy they want to send me to inpatient rehab I told them my family doesn't drive and they want to send me somewhere it is to far I have been there before and was very emotional everyday its because that rehab belongs to this hospital I did tell them where I wanted to go closer to home but they say there is no beds I can't stay in the hospital as I have to have rehab I am from Australia I don't know how other countries work but I am not happy to say the least I mentioned four places closer to home and neither had beds I think its because I didn't go to the other hospitals to have my operation as I am not happy

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Its a very difficult time for you rocky . Rehab is important for recovery after the operation , would they be able to move you if a bed did come up in a more convenient centre and you could finish rehab there ? I hope you are able to get it worked out , best wishes πŸ™‚


Sorry Rocky I think you may have to go with it and make the most of the rehab time so that when you return home your folks won't believe the positive change in you.

I hope all goes well for you



If they don't have a bed in nearer places then it's important that you take the rehab wherever you can get it. Even if you find you are isolated socially for a while, it is really important to get that knee working.

I remember my sister having problems with the rehab too as there were no beds anyway near her and she had to go somewhere a long way from her friends and relatives. She got a lot of reading done!

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What country are you in now? The U.K. As far as I know doesn't offer rehab at all on the NHS. I've had two knee replacements. Rehab was home after 3 days. I'm thinking that sounds like a great service! But then I've had a great outcome with my knees without 'rehab'. I'm thinking is is necessary?


Hello Rocky

I'm just ten weeks post op my recovery has been slow and I cannot put my foot to the floor, I was discharged home after 48 hours I would take some time out to rehab if you can I'm sure the nurses and therapy team are great xx

Looks like I have to go back in for manipulation under GA

Fed up now as I still have severe fibromyalgia flare too


I'm from the US and I just had my knee done in Feb. I had in home PT. It was great doing it this way. When I was done and able to drive, I then did outpatient PT.


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