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Hi all. not far. away for my knee operation as I said on my birthday of all days I had my right knee done it is not very functional so I hope they don't have to operate on that. I hope physio will fix that also I would like to know is metbotrexate injection better than tablet. and do you do the injectedion yourself. and is anyone on here from Melbourne Australia wish me luck

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  • Hi I'm from the uk 🇬🇧

    Methotrexate is an injection. You are taught to self administer your injection.

    I changed from tablets to injections due to the side effects but still experience them 2-3 days following the injection.

    All the best with your surgery

    Matilda x

  • Hi matilda what side effects did you have with the injectedion also how is the uk have you ever been to australia

  • I have nausea and chronic fatigue.

    UK is having some fine weather at the moment. I'm off to see my brother this weekend as it's bank holiday.

    I haven't been to Australia myself but have family living in Queensland and New South Wales. 3 brothers and my sister.

    I was planning to visit when I retire but that was before RA made its appearance.

    I'm not due to retire until 2026 so a few years to go.

    Have a lovely night/day I believe it's night time now in Australia.

  • I wish you the best success and a speedy recovery - and also happy birthday when it comes !

  • Hi Rocky,

    Best of luck with the knee op!

    I did a student exchange years ago to Ballarat for 6 months and loved it!

    All the best


  • Hi Rocky. I wish you a really happy birthday and hope your operation goes well. I've never been able to visit Australia, family commitments leaving no time or money for such an adventure but have loads of relies, especially in Victoria, as two of my grandfather's brothers emigrated way back when. Big hugs


  • thank you gnarli for your wishes I am in melbourne victoria I would love to travel but not possible at this time but who knows what the future holds best wishes

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