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RA first focused blood tests

Hi all, I have just posted an intro as I'm concerned I have RA.

I have some blood tests booked on Wednesday this week to see if they show RA specifically. I don't know if they're just a general blood panel or if they include antibodies testing. I didn't get chance to talk this through as I was already wayyyy past my end of appointment time when we got to discuss tests!

So my questions are...

1) do I need to fast before RA tests generally?

2) do I need to stop any of my supplements or avoid certain high nutrient foods before the tests (eg anti inflammatory things?).

I take levothyroxine, an iron formula (containing zinc and copper), B complex, vit D, omega 3, propranolol, valium, magnesium, vit C.

3) does the time of day for the blood tests matter? My appt is at 12.30pm

Thanks so much

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Sorry you think you might have RA,,but just relax & wait for your results then you just need to listen to your doctors.

No fasting for blood tests, doc will tell you if you have any tests that do need you to do anything special. Time of normal RA blood tests is not important & just eat normally

Unless prescribed by a doctor no special supplements are needed, but if you do want to add anything to a normal balanced diet, ask before you do so as some supplements are contra indicated with certain RA drugs.

Hope your appointment goes well

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Hi there,

You do not need to fast or do anything special before your blood work is done.

I was tested for the following:

1. Anti CCP

2. RF ( rheumatoid factor)


4. ANA

In addition I was tested for vitamin D, iron, B12, cholesterol (didn't fast for this one either-although the second one I did)

Along with a blood cell tests ( hematocrit, white blood cell count, etc ) There were loads of other test too but the main tests were the first four I listed above .

Some people may tell you to avoid anti inflammatories so you will be seen at your worst.

Hope this helps

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