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Just down 🙃 But not out 🤔

Life can be tough and you know what ....... whatever !!!!!!

Tomorrow I'll pick myself up ... dust my self off ....... and get on with it xxx

I'll focus on making those around me happy whilst silently concentrating on putting on my smile 🤔👊

I'm fine x (not)

And I'm not looking for sympathy because I know you all have the same struggle weather it's daily weekly or monthly. We all have these days x

So huge hugs to you all x #amdownbuttommorrowiwillbeup

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Ok so I know I'm answering myself !!!

It's ok to admit when you're having a bad day !!!!

But being honest about it to others is something else entirely

So here it is !!! It's out there for everyone to see ......

I'm down today but who knows what tomorrow will bring xxx


Great attitude 😀

We all have our bad days but it's always worth remembering that things change and that's what makes life's lovely.

Here's to all our better days💓 🤗🎉


I just think we're all bloody amazing !!!!

Everyone in this community !!!

People just starting this journey and people who have been on a long road.

It's scary it's unknown it's undefined !!!!

But we're bloody brilliant examples of human beings who adapt and overcome

We face our fears ( thanks dr google)

But ......

We support, love, and acknowledge each other x

Huge hugs cause when life hands us lemons we make lemonade x


And SOMETIMES Dr. Google reinforces our fears - But who can resist? I spend lots of time on there - ha ha

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I know this struggle it's easier to say you are fine as unless you have RA you can't understand, take time out for yourself and put yourself first for a change take care.


Kb5417 love your attitude, I'm two years in on the RA journey and still adapting... I make allowances for myself but I'm damned if I want friends and family to treat me with kid gloves, though I know they are doing it with the best of intentions ... So I ask them to say : 'are you up for it' ...rather than ...'Are you up to it'! ..makes all the difference to how I feel about myself...xx


Here's to the next great day you have!

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