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Must haves for my RA - what's yours?

Must haves for my RA - what's yours?

Morning all - hope everyone is finding that good positive space. Never give up or give in.

Just wanted to know, does anyone have a list of things you can't do without to help with your RA?

Here's my list of 7:

1. Epsom salt baths 😊 - so relaxing for achy joints

2. Tart Cherry juice 😊 - helps my joint pain (also with a good nights sleep)

3. Vitamins (Minani Fish Oils, Solgar B12, D) - soothes inflammation and promotes good moods

4. Copper compression ankle supports 😊 - helps my walking. Couldn't go far without these!

5. Organic fruit and veg - particularly bananas and berries 😊 - healthy eating always!

6. Turmeric, ginger and green tea 😊 - keeps my inflammation to a level. Plus not really a coffee or tea drinker. No Starbucks sugar laden drinks for me.

7. My Addidas trainers 😊 - soooo comfy, like walking on air, bliss.

There's sure to be a part two with this lol!

I am blessed to have a great support network too. As well as the lovely folk on this forum. Oh and shout out to my ''cool" cats who destress me and puts a smile on my face. - Virtual hug coming through 🤗 Hessie x

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My Awesome 7 in no particular order:

1: My GP. He is fab and responds very quickly where he can when I have my odd flare. He discusses things with me and it is definitely a joint effort to keep me well enough to work. THANKS Dr M. 😎

2: My other 1/2 who understands and is supportive. THANKS 😘

3: My work colleagues who generally 'get it'. THANKS 🤠

4: My IPAD as I use it all the time to listen to relaxing tracks, radio etc when sleep evades me and allows me to keep in touch with you guys.

Which brings me to # 4: You guys - a trillion thanks for being out there and supportive. THANKS 🤗

5: My RHeumy, and other medical support that keep me on the right side of well most of the time. THANKS 😎

6: The NHS for providing medical staff and meds that I would not be able to afford without it. THANKS 😎

7: Family members who do 'get it' and are supportive. Thanks 🤗

All the best



Yep Ali_H

I agree with ALL of those,thanks for reminding me



Awesome list Ali - I think my list will go on. I wish I had a good dr though, mine do and offer nothing frustratingly. However, blessed with the rest.


Hey Hessie5

I agree with most of the above,plus I also have orthotic insoles in my shoes - I can't stop falling over without them due to the collapsed arch in my left foot. I'm waiting on an appointment at the hospital for custom made ones,but in the meantime I'm using the ones I got given from my Physio - they're fantastic,and I really do notice the difference if I forgot to put them in a pair of shoes.

But I was wondering about the cherry juice - that's one I've not heard of before now,and if it works for you then I'm more than willing to give it a go. is there a specific one that you drink? As I know most of the juices in stores are usually full of more rubbish than the product they're meant to be.

I also can't do without my beloved cats,esp the one that wakes me up at night if I've fallen asleep without the covers on😻,and my Maltese pup too - I may not be able to take her out for long each day at the min,but just watching her with the cats is a great destresser - as all animals are. I have a great routine in the evening where the pup gets her grooming done first,then when she gets put to bed at 9,it's time for each of my cats to get groomed too .... it's a fantastic bonding session,but also a fab way to unwind at the end of the day too😊

One of the other things I can't get by without is a toothpaste tube squeezer - I use it for my expensive face washes and creams(my one luxury to stop the reaction from some of my meds making me look like a sporty teenager😜)..... otherwise you end up loosing half just because you haven't got the strength to get them out of the tube as they run lower - that was a tip I think I picked up from here somewhere,although that person did actually use it for their toothpaste 😝


Great list! I am going to need the insoles too - can't wait.

The tart cherry juice I use :

Dynamic Health 473ml 100 Percent Pure Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate (Amazon)

However, do some research, I buy this one as it's organic. Stay well 😊


That'sgreat,thanks, I'm off to Amazon now 😊


My drugs and my hubby sorry i can't think of much else.xxxx


I'm with Sylvi on this, drugs and OH are the must haves, but also the dog who makes me exercise daily.


Drugs, massage roller, but mainly my dogs for cuddles and exercise!


My lovely Rheumy

My lovely OT

My lovely physio

My fleece electric over blanket

My heat pads

My family



Thanks for sharing all - looks like my list has certainly extended, some great additions here.


I've really enjoyed these lists! They remind me of all I have to be thankful about, not that I don't appreciate my other half, family friends, treatments and HPs on a regular basis. It's something about how we find ways to stay resilient and self motivated in the face of so much frustrating and relentless challenge.

I'm lucky enough to be going on holiday on Wednesday but at this point I feel like saying Go without me! I'm discouraged by the 'how will I manage doubts (of course I shall, somehow); airport security (I have a lot of metal in me); walking unknown distances (how does one do City Breaks with poor mobility? I know, how come I've agreed to an unsuitable holiday but the itinerary wasn't within my control - long story); and the hardest of all: watching others do all the things I'd love to do and can't. Actually, that's not the hardest thing. The hardest thing is seeing the expressions on people's faces after they've asked me if I'm looking forward to my holiday and I've replied honestly along the lines of 'Yes, but I dread the long flight and will be happier when I get there and suss out what works and what doesn't'. It's their total lack of understanding about what it is to live with 'just a few swollen joints'!!! and their reaction which makes me out to be either negative or a spoilt brat who doesn't appreciate how lucky she is. I DO BUT IT DOESNT REMOVE THE PROBLEMS. Thank you, I will have the best holiday I can possibly have but I reserve the right to acknowledge that it cannot be the experience I'd have had without RA. Did that turn into a rant - sorry!


Rant away - we've all been there!!

I too had a holiday that wasn't completely my choice the last time I went away,which was after I'd started having issues,but months before anywhere near diagnosis. I also have pins in my back after 3 back ops,so to get to a hotel set on a mountainside that I had to pretty much do a mountain trek to get to or from my room for anything filled me with dread the moment I arrived and realised exactly how bad it was. In the end,it wasn't as bad as I thought,although it took me longer initially to get moving up and down the hundreds(no,not exaggerating) of rocky,uneven steps to go to either the breakfast/dinner hall,or more steps to the pool,and god forbid if I needed to get to the lobby where the lift actually was,by the end of the week,I was moving much freer than I had in ages.... even if I did have a bad day or two in the middle where I was so ill that the moment we got to our day out I had to come home because I needed to sleep whatever it was off,much to my friends disgust..... she got the ar5e because I couldn't sit by the pool with her for the day,even though she was always on her phone,never mind I was unconscious for the best part of 24hrs after throwing up constantly,but that's what 'friends' are for,isn't it?!🤔😝

Apart from that one blip,I actually enjoyed myself greatly(just tuned my friend out in the end 😂) What I had dreaded when I arrived ended up doing me the world of good,movement wise,infact I was moving better than my non disabled friend on the way back. As you said,we always soldier on,and as much as you're not looking forward to it at the minute,you'll prob have a great time,even if it's just because you're away from your normal routine for a bit. I certainly hope it's not as bad as you're imagining.

Have fun,and if not,we're always here to rant to 😊


Thank you njk, it's always so comforting to be heard and understood. I supppse that's why the opposite feels so demoralising. I shall conquer all!

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Great story, this is the right place for a rant too as we all understand your frustration. Go and have a lovely holiday, make the most of it!

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My daughter found a heated cushion in John Lewis' sale in January (probably a Christmas return). It doesn't get very hot (some people might want more heat) but it works for me tucked at the base of my spine while I'm watching telly and it's quick and easy to operate: Relaxwell by Dreamland 'Heated Comfy Cushion'. It was £35, reduced to £20 in the sale :0).

I love my trainers too, but have a pair of black lace-up Skechers shoes with memory foam which I find wonderful for work.


I have heard about Sketchers, walked all over Oxford Street to find a pair to no avail. I shall try online. That cushion sounds fab though!


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