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Drugs for RA

When first diagnosed was put on Methotrexate which I took with great results from September 2014 to January this year, I had developed a cough so they stopped the mtx and after a big flare up in March (I wasnt on any drugs for RA) they put me on leflunomide, which I have been on since. It doesnt seem to be controlling my RA at all as I have flare ups most days somewhere or other. Four weeks ago I was put on hydroxyquine(? sp) but it disagreed massively with me, giving terrible runs, even up during the night. Today I saw Rheum nurse who said I was right to stop the Hydroxy thingy but need to find something that helps the RA better than Lef.

Has anyone had probs with mtx stopped it then gone back on it? Did the symptoms reoccur? I cant take the sulphasine as I am also on digoxin.

Desperate to find something to relieve the symptoms and give me at least some days without pain. I also cant take naproxen because of rivaroxoban I take :(

Thanks for any help

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I've not had to stop MTX because of a cough, but this is one of the listed side effects so it might be that your docs will be reluctant for you to start it again as that can be serious for your lungs. There are other traditional dmards that you could ask about...see this link here

If not, you should ask your rheumy team about qualifying for biologics that can be used by themselves (ie without Methotrexate).


I do hope you can be put on biologics. I had problems with Methotrexate and Leflunomide didn't work very well and I was then put on Enbrel and have been brilliant ever since. From being bed-ridden I am now walking 2 - 3 miles every day [weather permitting!]

I do hope it works as well for you xx

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well I am also on methotrexate but still get some flare ups but I am better than when I was first diagnosed I was talking to an old man, well older than my 66 years and for 20 years he has been taking every morning one teaspoon of cyder vinegar and the same of honey mixed with a small amount of warm water and I thought well I would give it a try its all natural and I have to say after 8 days I do feel that my joints are not so painfull this may be because the cyder vinegar is a anti inflammatory well I will keep using and keep you posted it might be worth you trying ,let me know if you do try and if there is any benefit for you best of luck.


I'm on Riveroxaban as well as had pe's and a dvt last November. I know it is an issue with this medication as my consultant is looking into it at the moment. I saw nurse this am and my hair is still falling out, the MTX has been reduced the folic acid upped so not as bad as before but it is still coming out. They are going to discuss and tell me on Monday what has been decided. Trouble is the hair is only problem the MTX reduces pain and stiffness and I've had no other side effects at all. So its very frustrating as I so not want to go bald.

I know it sounds trivial but it is such a worry. I know Meloxicam is the same a no no but not sure about other meds. Hopefully for me I'll know more next week and so I hope you do too.

I also have Pernicious Anemeia and thread failure low VIT D and Celiac but am honestly not ill just tired and achey. I was advised this am that because it was caught so early I have no damage and that is the main reason I feel so well. So I must thank my GP for seeing the RA and then the PE's when I thought it was flu and went to get a script for the dull ache I had.

I hope you find some hope and information quickly.


Thank you all for your replies. Have read about the biologics but I am scared of needles, I may be able to cope with a small injection into bum every 2 weeks or so but not even sure about that. Just the thought of it is sending me into a cold sweat. I still get into a state when giving a blood sample :( I will be speaking to reheummy nurse on Monday so will ask her about it.

Thanks again


I have not been on Methotrexate too long... four months maybe and it seems to have helped. I was not sure if I was getting a cold because I have gotten a cough as well but a lady at my work was really sick and of course she was fairly close to my desk ... or worse.... if it is something with my lungs due to the meds. It has only been the last few days so I have not mentioned it to my Rheumy yet. Don't want him to take me off of MTX since it seems to be working for me. I do think its worth another try though, since it helped you before. Since your Dr took you off of it once before, I am sure he or she will be very cautious with your health.

Sorry I am not more help .. but if it were me, I would welcome the chance to try it again.

Good luck and keep us updated on it.


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