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Resent results

I recently had a Cardio CT and then a Thorax CT. The first showed Mediastinal/right hilar adenopathy. This means nodules/growths in the lymph system located between the lungs, the middle lol. This is generally an indication f lung cancer. The follow up CT indicates Lymphodenopathy! It is like this doctors are in league with insurance companies. I am only doing these dreadful test to access my CI insurance. I have cancer ie Non Hodgkin Lymphoma but apparently not severe enough to matter ?.. it is so frustrating. There are so many people , doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals..that it feels more like they goal is in direct conflict with mine. I want to live free of drugs and "treatments". But ONLY because that is my best approach. I am not suggesting this for anyone else, to be very clear. The drugs do not help me but have helped millions of others. Find what works for you personally. In the end you are your own Best Doctor.

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You don't have to agree to things that you don't want done. It is your body. But I think it is risky to ignore things and just hope that they will go away and will be kept at bay by living healthily. Illnesses happen and sometimes treatments are really unpleasant.

People often say to me - how can you take all these horrible medicines that have such serious side effects. My answer is that it is preferable to the alternative as I'm not keen on death just yet.


I absolutely agree with you. It is an individual choice. In my case , the drugs have not provided any relief. In fact they have done the opposite. I have suffer endless reactions due to allergies. For me the choices are limited to Biologics. I have full coverage so the decision is not financial. In my situation it is simply my body that responds poorly to most drugs. As stated initially , I am not recommending this approach to anyone else. I do however, recommend genetic screening. This enables you to target treatment to your body. Unfortunately, mine seems determined to be stubborn. My inflammation for instance is below 1. This is with no drugs. When it was up it was 87. I had a bad reaction to Prednisone so I had to depend on my body to reduce it as I cannot take NSAID's. If I could find drugs that worked, trust me, I would take them with side effects. At least now I know what is disease activity vs drug reactions. I was forced to sell both businesses and rarely drive these days. If there was a drug capable of helping I would happily take it. I am not anti drug. I know it has helped millions of people with RD and other autoimmune disease. The reality is , it does not work for everyone. In Toronto, Canada at Mount Sinai, the clinic was created by a physician with RD. It is provides genetic screening, MRI, Scans Ext all in house. This has enabled them to provide targeted treatment plans. I think this will prove very effective. Lung cancer is another are for which they now recognize that there are over 100 types. Now they use gene therapy to target specific cancer vs chemo. It is very promising. As you know, it is difficult to stay positive when your entire system is under attack. Chronic pain and illness are both exhausting. But I hate to think I negatively influenced someone regarding drugs. They can have miraculous effects when it is the right drug for you. I will always be open to try new things but only when I choose.


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