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Covid 19 Vaccine antibody results

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I don't post very often but so chuffed with my covid19 vaccine antibody results that I wanted to share.

I take 20mg MTX since 2019 plus Hydroxychloroquine for last 3 months and was a bit concerned at the early info from the Octave study.

I took the test through Monitor My Health and it was the Roche one.

COVID Antibody Test

(N-test)Vaccine Immunity Test

(S-test)Vaccine Immunity Test Value


Positive>2500.0 U/mL

These results indicate that you have developed an immune response to the vaccine.

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Wow - congratulations! 🎉


Congratulations Circirdancer, that's great news.

Thanks for sharing.

Wow! That’s great. I have had two doses of Pfizer and take sulphazalazine and had an antibody test done and my results came back negative. So the vaccines obviously did not work on me and I have developed no antibodies. Is that correct?

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Boxerlady in reply to masymae

I don't know much about it but I think that there are different antibody tests so maybe you had the one for the antibodies that you develop after having Covid rather than the ones produced by the vaccine? 🤔

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Circlrdancer in reply to masymae

I'm not sure which test you did but it may be worth doing a different one (Monitor My Health is an NHS lab down south somewhere and use the Roche vaccine antibody test. It's only £37 ).

Wow, that is aa fantastic result. I am also on 20mg mtx and felt slightly frustrated that I JUST miss the level for having the third jab. However, I definitely responded to the second dose (ended up spending the afternoon in bed which is virtually unheard of for me) so that, combined with your result makes me feel very reassured. Maybe I will do the test too, to give me more confidence.

I was in two minds whether to do the test but when I saw that I probably would miss out on the 3rd jab I thought I'd take a chance. For £37 I'm so glad I did. 😊

I had a quick look at Monitor my Health. Sounds great that profits go back into NHS. Looks like antibody test for vaccine-related immunity is now £60 though, sadly

Hi Ascidian, the £60 test is if you want to check both your vaccine immunity and to see if you have antibodies due to having had the actual virus in the past. If you swipe the test lists along you should see they have the one for covid vaccine immunity at £37, which is the one I did.

Oh that's brilliant. I had seen the £37 one for the "Have I had covid" test, but have already had that test for free via the Zoe symptom study. Somehow missed the vaccine only one. I've now ordered it, which is fantastic - I have been summoned for jury service from 20th September and was pretty nervous about travelling by rush hour train for an hour each way, and then sitting in the court all day for 2 weeks or more. Now, if the test shows good antibody levels I will be more relaxed. If it doesn't I'll have a valid reason for trying to avoid it... Thank you so much!

I have had both Phz. Jabs a while go, some weeks later I had a antibody test which came back zero antibodies. I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine about 8 weeks ago but had to stop it owing to severe rashes.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to ATSF

Sorry. Me too re zero antibodies but different RA meds. Can you ask your rheumy to recommend to your GP for you to have a repeat of the vaccines. You would need to have your B cells checked if on Rtx/since your infusions/meds and any more vaccines though or it would likely happen again if you haven’t enough immune response. Good luck. 🙏🏻

I got the same result >2500. A relief!

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