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great blood test results?

Just back from nurse, my pv is 1.44 and CPR >5 !!!!! I feel the best since diagnosed last Feb, started enbrel 5 weeks ago, only swollen knuckles, wrists and feet but only after resting for a while....few aches and pain but nothing compared to what it has been.

Surely this my meds are working, any opinions? I am trying not to get too excited as this is all so new to me.

I do have a consultant appointment at the end of the month.

cheers :)

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Hi Wiliby. great news. My last CRP was <4 so <5 is a very good result. Not sure what PV is so can't comment on that. My last ESR was 23 up slightly but nothing to worry about.

It looks as if the Enbrel is kicking in and getting the inflammation sorted out.

Are you on MTX as well? The combination is very good. Glad you are feeling better. The anti tnf drugs are brilliant - definitely your meds working. Take care. LavendarLady xx PS don't forget to rest even when you feel well as it is so easy to overdo it again.


Hi Williby,

Delighted for you, I told you to be positive, hopefully this is the one for you (as LL says hope you on a couple of Dmards as well?) I say enjoy and go with the flow, no cure for us crowd yet, but the treatment is certainly better than it used to be, especially if it agrees with you.

Good Luck, Gina.


Great news, the treatment is obviously working for you. Please take care though it's all to easy to overdo things when you feel so well.

I am so happy for you, it gives hope for all newly diagnosed.

Take care and enjoy the "old you" again!

mand xx


Wiliby this is brilliant news. Like Mand says don't overdo it though!! Seems the bash it early on the head regime works!

Long may it remain, look after yourself.

Julie xxx


Hello LavenderLady, Gina, Mand and Julie!

It is great but I was worried I was getting ahead of myself, I'll just relax and make the most of feeling better. I feel so lucky as I am only too aware now of much worse things could have got (still could but I'll remain in denial:) )

Yes I'm on MTX also but only 15mg....

Mand, it's so nice to see you! very pretty :) I must get round to finding a pict of myself but I'm always the 'photographer'

For now, I can't stop smiling :) xx


wow what great pv.. mine still higher than that well done xx


Great news - enjoy the relief & being able to do more whilst remembering to pace yourself.



thanks chatsi, I'm pacing myself with a packet of choccy biscuits :)

lol, hope tiasteph doesn't read this :)


pv is plasma viscosity it is a measure of inflammation used by some health trusts including mine..." normal range is cited as 1.4- 1.7 by my health authority.. 1.7 and above there fore shows inflammation.

so pleased wiliby.. you have had some great treatment xx


Hi Summer, thanks for that, Had no idea what pv was as my health trust doesn't use it to measure inflammation - they use the ESR and CRP measurements. LL


thanks Alison, I'm so lucky living where I do and having the consultant I have. xx


Hi, well done, looks like you are on the up but as all the others say- dont go too mad - pace yourself, my consultant says that it is all to common for people to go mad as they feel an improvement and then slide down again- you have been warned- pace yourself, best wishes, x


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