can anyone ease my mind

Hi i went to doctors because i thought i had shingles but doctor said she thought it was a virus and gave me antibiotics. Then she said we shall have some blood tests. well it turned out i was anaemic and my doctor said we shall send you for a colonoscopy and endoscopy whyyyyyyyyyyyy is this??? I'm worried sick now anyone else going through this????

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  • Hi yorkshiremo!

    First of all, let me say I'm so sorry that you were left in such a state of confusion after speaking with your doctors... As terrible as it is, this is often the case, and it's unfortunate that we aren't given more resources to educate ourselves appropriately.

    Although I don't have personal experience in this area, recently I have been doing some reading about anemia and RA, so I thought I'd pass along some info!

    From what I understand, these screenings would be to rule out a more serious cause of your anemia. Sometimes anemia is caused by something simple like an iron deficiency, and other times it can be caused by more serious conditions. Though I can't say positively, I would hazard to guess that they are trying to rule out the possibility of a more serious cause.

    Now, my final words of wisdom, (having done much panicked research in the past, myself)-- your most important job now is to try not to worry and try to do as little internet searching on the topic, as possible! I know it's so much easier said than done, but the stress that this worry puts on your body, inside and out, is not worth the detriment it causes. Also, if you still aren't satisfied, call your doctor! Don't be afraid to come to the office with a page full of prepared questions (I literally do this every time). Pester them until they give you an answer that you are satisfied with. After all, this is your health, and your body, and in my opinion, you should be in charge of any information that is applicable to you.

    Hope this helps, best of luck to you!

  • Hi Katie6221

    Thank you for your reply. Yes you are right i am worried i couldn't get over the doctor saying that she was sending me for cameras . I suffer with GAD general anxiety disorder so you can imagine the state i was in.

    So thank you for your reply.

  • Might I ask... Do you live in a place where medicinal marijuana is legal?

    I'm so sorry you're going through this! The best thing that you can do is develop a trusting relationship with your doctor, and feel confident that they are doing everything in their power to benefit your health. After all, that is their job. I feel for you, and I hope things look brighter for you, very soon!

  • Thank you no its illegal here katie but thank you for being concerned for me i feel a little more understanding of these tests. I will let you know when i have to go see specialist thank you

  • I think you should talk some more with your doc. Anemia is so very common in Ra. Ask about what kind of anemia you have and how low the blood count is. A chronic inflammation uses up iron and thats why often a good idea to supplement with natural iron. If you are taking anti inflammatories they may cause bleeding in your gut and cause anemia. I was very anemic when diagnosed and am fine now after having taken Spatsone liquid iron and copper, that helps the iron metabolism and that RA patients nearly always have a deficiency of.

  • Well I'm due to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy next Tuesday. Not pleasant (least of all the preparation) but far better than risking leaving something serious to develop. Unexplained anaemia needs to be investigated and this procedure is a pretty reliable way to check out the whole of your gut. It also means any potential problems, like polyps, can be nipped in the bud at the same time. So your doctor is just being very thorough.

    Tho' why in heaven's name you've been prescribed antibiotics for a virus does slightly baffle me. But again perhaps just being extra cautious.

  • Thank you for your reply yes i can see she's being cautious which i should be grateful.

  • I'm not sure that's being cautious? Seems very unnecessary given that antibiotics do nothing for viral infections. They're used to treat bacterial infections surely.

    Maybe your doctor worries there may be some low grade infection hovering around too?

    Wishing you the best of outcomes.

  • Yes, that's what I meant. Especially if you're anaemic then could be more vulnerable.

  • Hi yorkshiremo!

    Please try not to panic. Previous replies will have reassured you a bit, I hope. Your GP sounds as if they are just being as thorough as possible. Having had both these procedures (more than once) they weren't that bad but - little hint here - if you ask for sedation when you have the endoscopy as you won't know anything about it. Roughly half an hour recovery time and it's best to get a lift home and job's a good'un.

    I'm sure that all will be OK. Hugs


  • I had an endoscopy last year &'drove myself home after sleeping off the sedation for a few hours in a recovery suite & being given something to eat.

    I felt fine & had no nasty after effects.

  • Brilliant news. Unfortunately our lovely local hospital turfs you out asap. The lack of beds was cited

  • I won 't tell you which hospital ..cos it's normally rubbish..but they seem to have little islands of competence dotted around!

    unfirtunately I went to their A&E when I broke my arm & it was worse than any I have seen in India or least there the staff try....I felt as if I was being a bloomin' nuisance breaking my arm at the weekend! I could understand if I had been blind drunk or high on drugs..but the attitude was appalling....nobody said who they were....I could have been describing my plight to the tea lady ...!

    Will never go there again...even if the next closest A&E is 12 miles away.,

  • You have my deepest sympathy. Our local hospital has an A &E but no beds. The next nearest has an A&E but is not big enough so it's rare that there are any beds. So if, God forbid, you need admitting you end up 30 miles from home. I refused to go last time but was cajoled into going. It's rubbish but better than spending 13 hours on a trolley and that's happened too. Lovely staff, no resources.


  • I would have had some sympathy if they were busy..but they wete all wandering around like interest in anything...& I sat on my own for two hours before I saw a triage Nurse . It appears the receptionist decided how urgently you needed attention.

    The orthopaedic surgeon I am now seeing privately is horrified as it looks as if I have complications with tendon damage, but as I never saw a doctor in A&E who would have diagnosed that....I also had concussion they missed that too!

  • Great. Just great. I thought we had it bad here which has, apparently, one of the highest number of over 65s in the country but your experience is beyond a joke. I despair. Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.


  • Thank you..I'm having the last laugh...spent the whole day by the pool in the sun !

    Arm recovering well!

  • thank you

  • thank you so much for your reply

  • Thank you jan for your message. I will ask for sedation it must make things easier all way round. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my message. X

  • If you had a virus why did the dr give you antibiotics.xxxx

  • i think she said infection. sorry

  • I thought I had shingles had lots of tests turned out to be an allergy to a new washing powder I was using yours maybe something just as simple they have to be sure and rule everything else out

  • thank you

  • Anaemia can be caused by undiagnosed coeliac disease, another autoimmune disease. Ask them if they will be taking biopsies from either end. It's most important to be eating gluten containing meals until the biopsies otherwise it can be inconclusive. Clemmie

  • thank you

  • You doctor wants to make sure you do not have a gastroentestinal bleed or other wise know as a GI bleed which is a common cause of anemia. Don't worry. Wouldn't it be better to know? Plus, if your tests come back normal, at least you know your stomach is ok. Good luck my dear.

  • thank you

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