Back from my ATOS medical

Well Iv had my first ATOS medical this morning and after being so terrified of it, it seemed to go ok. I took my mum with e and the doctor seemed to be nice. She asked loads of questions and my mum backed me up on how much I struggle when im having a flare. She also seen me struggling on crutches. She didnt ask me to perform any tasks, and said she would usually medically examine me but could see I was in pain and very uncomfortable so chose not to as she didnt want me to feel any worse. She was typing on computer whole time but I couldnt see what she was writing. She asked how often I am having flares at the moment and I told her every week-2 so alot. She said my answer backed up what my medical records say. She said I would get decision in 4-6 weeks. I feel hopeful but I guess you never know as to what they are writing and thinking.

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  • glad for you that the meeting went well, fingers crossed. It seems barbaric to me that you should be put through such stress when the medical records state how you are. I am baffled at this system. still I hope you can chill out today. Love Alison x

  • Glad you got on OK. Hoped you get a positive out-come.

  • thanku xx

  • Hope your successful.xx

  • Isn't it a great relief when that's over?! My appointment was similar to yours. From the questions I was asked they seemed to just want to confirm how far I could walk (by asking about making it to GP appointments - a 50m walk). Like you, no physical exam because she could see the pain I was in.

    I got into the support group, I can't remember how long it took but it was slightly quicker than I expected. That was an even bigger relief!!

    I really hope you hear soon, and that you get into the support group.

  • just read ur blogg, was u in the support group before or after ?

    ive been in support since ;ast December but i still had a home visit last wk from ATOS xx

  • This was my first application, I'd just finished work. I didn't realise they would reassess so quickly, but then again I'm not really surprised!

  • Hi , bet you are glad it's over as you were worried about it. So a big sigh of relief and I hope when I have one I will have a caring doctor likes yours xxx

  • Good to hear it went well for you, good idea on taking someone with you. Hopefully not long now for the result, and in your favour. xx

  • Thanks guys, your support over the last few weeks of me being worried has been great. Lets just hope I get the results I want xx

  • Hiya I'm glad it went well, is this for ESA or DLA ? as i am claiming contrition ESA at the moment and have appointmnent next week at oxford xxx

  • Its for ESA xx

  • Thanks becky, i hope mine goes as well as yours, Take care xx

  • glad it went ok, its such a worry isnt it, sounds like it did .... good luck xxxx

  • havn't got mine till end of year but worry abt it a lot! fingers crossed xx

  • Mine is at end of the year too. My last assessment went quite well and I was put in the WRAG for which I have my 1st app at the job centre on the 7th July.

    Although I have til the end of the year, I think about it daily! I worry if I'm having a good day and wish they could see me on a bad day! :)

    It's a horrible situation, it's on my mind almost constantly.

    Good luck to everyone in same situation xxxx

  • How come the end of the year?

  • My 1st assessment they gave me 6 month's till my next one (in wrag group). On my 2nd assessment I was in a lot of pain and had just started seeing rheumatology consultant so I was given a 24 month ESA period (income based) til my next assessment. I guess if you are put in the wrag they decide how often they will assess you, I dont know how it works if you're put into the support group.

    Hope that makes some sense, feeling a bit fuzzy this morning:)

  • my problem is i've only got 18mths to reitierment age if they hadnt changed goal post i wouldn't have to do it. it must be so hard if you are only young and my thoughts are with you xx

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