Can anyone hear it???

There are times people hear tiny voices in their heads. It varies I was told by a friend, some are more annoying than others. At times these voices are mean and less encouraging and there when you are at your lowest. Personally I haven't heard them. All I hear is my stubborn voice telling myself every morning after opening my eyes to get up. If I get up with very minimal physical pain then I know I am in a much better position than others who can't. So I told my friend not to listen to these voices and ring me instead.I told her to ring me if Lifeline is busy as she was put on hold when she rang.

Pain comes in various forms. People get physical pain that can be very debilitating. Simple tasks that at times we take for granted become a struggle. With less support and services and side effects of medications, people become withdrawn, angry, insecure and less active. This results to depression, weight gain, more insecurities and becoming more withdrawn and isolated.A very vicious cylce.Its the emotional pain that at times we underestimate that I believe is far more debilitating to some.

I met another friend the other day who has the same condition. I asked her how she's been feeling. She looked confused and asked me if I want to know about her sores. I told her yes, I want to compare sores later but first I wanted to make sure first that you haven't gone nuts. She laughed and we both laughed.

I know what it feels like to feel down at times and nothing more reassuring than having someone ask you how you've been feeling..

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  • Hi yes you are so right. Its lovely to know someone else is interested, in you and how your feeling. Your blog was lovely thank you xx

  • Thank you miss, glad you liked it.xx

  • You are such a uplifting lady and we can do with a few more of you. Somedays it is very hard isn't it,as i know only too well. I try to add humour to all my troubles,because without that i don't know what i would do. Keep up the good

  • Thank you sylvi. Yes, humour is the secret. I have'nt seen anyone died yet in my line of work because the person laughed so much. It is part of my distraction when girls come for their appointments.I manage a gynaecological department. For me, making girls at ease and distracted is vital as nobody really likes getting paps smear done.

    Though I tell them to give warning if a big sneeze or cough is coming as we don't want the gynaecologists wear the speculum really lol.

    I keep myself busy coz I figure if I am busy I won't have that time to dwell on something negative. I just feel that I have this duty. I say to my patiets, first I am your nurse and you might not like what I tell you but second, I am your friend. If we both come out from this consult getting along with each other, great. If I get a smile its a bloody

  • Your a midwife then,don't mond me my memory is very ppor,thanks ra.fibro and tinnitus. We could with a few more of them in our

  • great blog mmm, annoying voices I KNOW about those !! lol xx

  • Thanks summer. Yes, annoying voices,my partner said he's been hearing a lot lately and they sound just like me lol..xx

  • What a nice blog. I'm in a very unhappy place at the minute and this blog uplifted me ??x

  • Hi there, thanks for the compliment. Unhappy place?I've been to many of those. I live near the beach, my favourite spot is the jetty. The jetty used to be my enemy that once lured me closer to the edge..watching the water so inviting. Now, the jetty is my friend. Everytime I go there, the waves and wind gives me strenght. It tells me that I have so much to live for. What I have is not very pleasant but it is not the worse other people have. Take

  • Oh that's lovely.. Unfortunately I don't have a jetty but just closing my eyes and picturing yours makes me smile.. I'm sure ill be ok once they get this damn disease under control and I can start feeling like me again!!

  • I am sure you will just hang in there. I am glad I found this site, you and everbody. I do not feel alone anymore. People I haven't meet but provides me with great support and encouragement. And as what summer said, all we need is to drop a

  • Pleased the jetty is now your friend, If you ever think dark thoughts please confide in some one ,Myself and many others on here will try and help, but Remember always your nearest and dearest xx

  • Thanks summer.xx

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