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Ra sufferer

Hi everyone. I am from Australia but I am also interested in other people's experiences from other countries us etc I have had one knee replacement its ok but I think it could have been better but it is better than what it was I am supposed to have the other knee replacement I am presently wheelchair bound as I have said on this site previously I refuse to take some medications due to concerns about side effects I am a little concerned about having the other knee replaced I am also hoping they dont have to redo the knee that has been done I. saw on utube a hospital for special surgery in new york that conentrate on rheumatoid arthritis and orthopaedic surgery and has had a lot o success and got people mobile again of course going to another country is costly I alsi have some anxiety I don't suffer a great deal of pain I have some stomach issues but. I know that is due to. medication. this may sound strange but I am one of those people what I dont know wont worry me(anxiety) I try to stay positiv. As mmuch as possible any advice would be appreciated

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Struth mate, I don't know what drugs you don't take because of worries about side effects. I live very well with RA and that is to a great extent because I do take the drugs I am described. My view has always been that if the side effects are less than the effects of RA, then I gladly take any drug that will help me to get on with my life. I hope you find a solution that'll work for you and wish you all the best.


To stbernard I know where your coming from its a phscological problem I have to side effects but this is due to damage that has caused me issues to a drug but thank you very much foe the way you put your reply which has got me to do some serious thinking


Hi Rocky, I take the opposite view to you in that I want to know everything I can about the RA and also the meds, I also think my quality of life is so important and while I accept the drugs have side effects I will accept them as without them maybe I would be in a wheel chair..As it is I am on two DMards and can walk,swim, take the dogs out and generally enjoy my life, pain? On a scale of 1-10 is about a 4 most of the time (except in a flare)...I'm interested that you will take intervention by means of surgery which entails general anaesthesia, possible infections etc but does not stop the advancement of the disease which without meds will continue to destroy more joints and tissue...Only my view and we are all individual on how we cope with RA. Good luck

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Have you ever read the Your Stories section of the NRAS website? Many are aspirational & some inspirational, even achievable..... you may even recognise some who have shared their story! nras.org.uk/stories/all


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