Steroid injection and pip

Hello everyone I got my decision today on pip I got the lower award which I pleased with because I had a steroid injection which I think masked my symptoms so I am happy as didn't think I would get anything. 😊 Can anyone tell me how long the steroid injection lasts for it's not taken the pain away completely but taken the edge off. Thank you x

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  • That could be from a few weeks to months. There is no one standard for these as it depends more on your body.xxxx

  • I have had many steroid injections, and sorry to say but i found they did not do much for me.

  • Mine lasts about 6-8 weeks , by then hopefully your other drugs will have started to kick in x

  • Thank you. They are not working now and I have been in them since April last year. Have to go for MRI on my spine and then review my meds

  • how did you get pip

  • What do you mean sorry? The same as everyone else I Have pain in my fingers and very weak and can't walk far at the moment so I applied

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