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Steroid Injection

Had a steroid injection 5 days ago at the hospital and I feel like a new person!! Can walk in a normal pair of shoes for the first time in months and I generally feel good. Does anyone know how long the effects of the injection last??? Thanks all xx

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Hi Glad the steroid injection is working!

I usually find that they work for about 4-5 weeks, but I think we;re all different. This time my injection took over a week to kick in, I had it about 6 weeks a go and I tell that it's beginning to wear off.

I'm glad to say I see my doctor in 2 weeks time as the other meds chloroquinine (sp) Salphzalazine(sp) meloxicam aren't working as well as I would like them to!


I have only had one steroid injection and it lasted about 6 weeks.The effect was magic after about two days and I found I was almost feeling normal!


i had two lots of steroid injections in both hands and they lasted about 6 weeks also


I think it depends what steroid injection you had, I get Kenalog injections when i'm in a really bad flare, and can be pain free between 6-8 weeks, I've also had a cortisone injection into my hip which lasted a good 3-4 months. Good luck with it hope it lasts a long time for you.


I have had a lot of stroid injections over the last year both systemically ( for the whole body) and into my shoulder joint. Without exeption they worked wonderfully within a few days and lasted about six weeks. I could tell when they were wearing off bu then the plan was that my RA medicines would kick in.

Good luck with your treatment, there can be a bit of trial and error with finding the drugs that suit you. hope you continue to feel better



Is there different types of steroid injections? I called the hospital today to see if I could get one, im very stiff and in alot of pain,

I waited for a call back but never got one

Im still in pain and feel rather cross as I worked myself up for the dreaded thing. I know my rheumy doc once mentioned a depo injection.


Hi Reikimaster

Did you ring a number for the nurse? If so, did it go straight through to answerphone? This is often how the nurse helplines are set up, and it might be worth asking them what the system is for their helpline, as it may only be manned at certain times or on particular days of the week, or they may only get to the messages as and when they can between clinics.

Probably worth trying again today, and if you really can't get hold of anyone, you could maybe call your consultant's secretary and leave a message with them to pass on to the nurse or consultant.

Hope you manage to speak to someone soon.

Kind regards



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