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I went back in for a half day yesterday work was lovely - so supportive and understanding. Went home and felt really ill - mentally and physically wiped out. Woke up this morning and body is as stiff as a board!!! All my joints are sore and painful particularly me hands.... oh dear work are hoping I build up a half day a week but I think 2 half days are all I can manage for a bit - pahhhhh!! How disappointing!!

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  • Don't push yourself too much only do what you can as we are only a number to employers and they will only do what they have to do to accommodate us xxx

  • Well done getting back today. I have been back since end September on a phased return. Since then I have been in only 2 days per week and these were short days ,10-2.30. I slept constantly that first couple of weeks back and really felt like crap!

    I couldn't have done More than these 2 days until this week when I went up to the 3 days (still short). I feel totally wiped out and aching all over too. Just that slight difference , a few hours really, has simply felt like Too much. I will stick with it and see if it feels any better next week. Fortunately , I am in a position where they will support me in doing what I can manage - I'm sure it won't last forever though and that's always an underlying anxiety .

    I'm sorry that your enthusiasm for getting back to work has been dampened by the impact on you. Slowly is the key word here.

    Wishing you the best


  • That's has let you take a phased return for over a few months......??? Well I don't suppose there is a time limit is there???? Do you mind me asking ...are you still getting full time pay?? That's what I am concerned I won't be able to pay mortgage if my pay is reduced...which is a worry....

    I am to start cimzia soon so hopefully my body will be functioning more 'normally' .....did I read somewhere before that they won't give u a biologic????? Or am I getting confused??!!

  • I'm about to start a third biologic - so far none have proven particularly effective.

    I've been extremely lucky. I'm a social worker For the local authority and they've been nothing short of fantastic with me, especially as having had both hips replaced in Feb last year then both knees in the July last year, I've barely been there over the pAst 22 months !

    Along side this I am also carrying a hugely reduced case load and as far as is possible, my cases are kept local.

    In terms of length of time for anphased return, it is meant to be carried out over a period of 4-6 weeks, it management can exercise some discretion . In terms of pay, yes as soon as you return to work on a phased return, you are entitled to full pay. At least this is the way it works in the public sector - not 100% confident in relation to the private sector?


  • Thanks Marie. That's really helpful...... I am a teacher in the private sector but they have been really supportive and even paid for me to see private consultant who recommended 2 half days a week phased return.....thank god!!!!!!! He also recommended that i increase half day per week IF I am up to it...... I am so relieved as I tried to go back full time twice which was ridiculous. I keep doing that...thinking I can do more than I can do......

    I am so glad to hear your work has been supportive.....that makes a lovely change to hear a positive work story on this site . They do sound amazing and sorry you have had such a hard 2 years!!! Crikey!!!!

    Which biologics have u tried???

  • Take it easy

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