Hi All

Had a great holiday at totnes. Was very active and swam almost every day.

Been back at work for two wks. It's alot better this time around as I have more energy and less fatigue due to cimzia. So I am hopeing to be well for longer, this autumn/winter.

Saw the consultant at the end of August. She has stopped hyroxy, lowered mtx to 15mg. So I only take folic acid, mtx & cimzia, yippee! I have an das assessment in November where they will officially assess me to see how well cimzia is doing.

Its getting colder especially in the mornings & night. I still have the same triggers, but where as I use to have aches & pain, now I get soreness & stiffness. I take reduced amount of coco's and rarely take anti flams now. Hardly any swellings and mornings are alot better now.

It's our aniversary today 23 yrs married. We've been out for lunch and we went to see Lawless. Really great film.

Hope you are all well. Remember to wrap up as the weather is changing.

Take care all & remember I am still reading all the blogs!

Joanne x

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  • Happy Anniversary to you both! Good to hear you had a lovely holiday and that you are feeling more energetic, long may it continue. x

  • happy anniversary, i'm glad for you that your health is getting better, i hope it stays that way for you :)

  • What a lovely blog. Happy anniversary. Hope you continue to feel well. Super picture too.

    Best wishes


  • Happy anniversary, only one more and you hit the extra special number of 25 !

    Glad you are doing better on your meds. long may it continue !

    After being back at work for 2 weeks you probably feel as though your holiday was a long time ago, nevermind, Christmas is just around the corner (it must be, I saw T _ _ _ o's have started putting out a few Christmas items).

    Have a lovely what's left of the weekend.

    Judi xxxxxxxxx

  • It's great to hear that you are doing so well - long may it continue. Happy anniversary. Wendy xx

  • Joanne, pleased that the drugs are doing what they are suppose to do. Lovely picture of you. Happy anniversary joanne. Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi All

    thanks had a great day yesterday. Hubby has made breakfast - which was lovely. Cold start this morning, so I am gonna have a bit of a lie in, then do some chores in the afternoon. A kinda of take it easy day today.

    Take care, wrap up warm

    Joanne x

  • Hi Joanne

    Congratulations on well just about everything! your health , work, anniversary and you look gorgeous in your picture!Axx

  • I commented on here yesterday but for some reason it's gone missing - sorry Sci! I think it's wonderful that everything's going so well for you just now - long may it last - you really do deserve it and congratulations on the anniversary - we celebrated 23 years this year too - 1989 was a good 'un eh? - and we were married in North Cornwall! Tilda xxx

  • Hi T

    I got married in Barkingside, London. I know quite a few peps (through work etc.), who got married inb 89 like us, So it seems its a popular year.

    Cheers Joanne

  • Oh that sounds so much better than when you were falling over walls and having a really bad time. Hope it keeps getting better and better, especially as you're still wearing a wrist splint in your photo so looks like you could do with improvement in your hands too. Maybe hubby should make you breakfast everyday? Pollyx

  • Hi Polly

    The pic was taken last summer in Italy, before I was diagnosed with RA. I was having troubles with my hands from may/june time, all through the summer on holiday (pic testified to that. I had to bring supports with me as by August the hands where so bad). When I came back from hols in august 11, my hands where locked in the hook position. That wk I had an emergency blood test and was diagnosed by my gp with ra. 3 wks later I had an appt with rheumy consultant who confirmed diagnosis!

    I only wear the supports now when needed, which have not been often!

    Hubby makes breakfast every wkend - aren't I lucky :D

    Cheers Joanne

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