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Back to work

Back to work


Just an update on my situation. My dispute with my former head teacher ended in July. For those who don't know, my former head tried to sack me - due to the amount of time I had of work due to RA. Instead of using medical grounds which was very hard to prove, he claimed I was incompetent. However he did not have supportive evidence for this. This dragged on for over a year. Finally it was sorted and I got compensation for being made wrongly unemployed. During this time I could not work - mainly due to the head teacher preventing this.

I have finally found work teaching part time at a school in London. It's been emotionally hard on me and at one time, I lost confidence. It was sheer determination and not knowing what else I could do, that has kept me going and looking for a new teaching post.

During this time I went into remission. My DAS is 1.24, but of course the head was not interested, he just wanted rid of me.

Having ra is not easy. It's even harder when you are not supported at work. Mainly cause you don't look I'll, but of course your in pain. Employers take advantage of us and try to get rid of us. I fought and won, so don't give in to them. We have a right to work!

Pic supplied by Sylvi R. Love this pic, so I thought I share it.

Be well

Joanne x

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Lovely to hear from you Sci. It's been ages since we heard from you.Sorry to hear about your problems with your headmaster, but glad you've now found another teaching job. Good Luck.

Being in remission is so wonderful to hear, I'm sure we all hope that it will be us saying that one day.

All the best x


Arh thanks for your support. Been in remission since July 13


So delighted you fought and won. I suffered appalling treatment too, as a teacher. Its a hard enough job for the fit and well. With RD its exhausting. Fighting for your rights is a third layer. So well done!

(My case ended with my whole institution's management teams being retrained! )

Hope you love your new job. You are a great example to the new members who may face similar prejudices.

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Are you still teaching?

That's why I posted to give others encouragement. Although never dreamt it would happen to me. Glad it's all over now.

Many thanks x

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I spent a couple more years at work after my case ended. College made lots of adjustments for me. I launched a termly newsletter to Enable Disabled staff. So they learned how to get fair treatment. By then I had started to accept my own limitations. So I applied for and got ill-health retirement.

Must say thanks to my trade union, though. Couldn't have managed without their support. Where would we be without Trade Unions?


I'm just seriously impressed that you fought and won. Absolutely fantastic!!!! It's not often I use that many exclamation marks but this made my day. Wishing you success in your new job & hope you really enjoy it.


Cheers x


Hi sciqueen,

Great to hear you are back in work and have achieved remission - fantastic news!

If anyone is experience the same lack of support in the workplace, you can find some helpful information on our website at including a booklet to give to your employer.

You can also speak to our helpline team on 0800 298 7650 if you want to discuss your situation.

Best wishes,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Media Coordinator & HU Admin

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Great news for a change lol, congratulations and I hope everything goes really great for you.



Its a gorgeous pic and well done you for staying strong and getting back into teaching. The head should be sacked for what he's done not you. Good luck with your new employer xx


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