Back to work,

Hi everyone. I'm now back to work after nearly 7 months off due to newly diagnosed RA and in may a new hip replacement. I'm feeling really fatigued some days. I am feeling very nervous about asking my new boss about a phased return. I had 1 for about 2 days and now I'm back to work normal hours. before I went on sick I had a nasty person in work that said to me a few times that we don't carry people in this branch. I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of it.

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  • Bless u I'm bk at work this week been Of for 6 months my feet and hands are playing me up so bad I'm dreading it

  • I hope your week goes better than mine. They are now cutting down my hours yet again from 25 to 13. per week. Not good.

  • There doing me one day on one day of not cutting my hours x

  • What a nasty so and so !

    People like that are ignorant and best ignored!

    Well let's be like Hitler and take only blonde hair and blue eyes!

    Sorry a strong comparison ! But so many people just don't have a clue!!!

    Did u choose to have this disease - NO!

    Can you do much about it yourself ?? NOT A LOT - need specialist care and attention mate

  • Sorry strong words but I am sick of people thinking w r faking it! Have a lovely eve

  • I came to the same conclusion myself.

  • Thank you so much for your support.

  • The manager at my head office has now cut my hours down yet again from 25 to 13 per week. so fed up.

  • Hello sorry to hear your that the transition back to work is making you fatigued.

    Could your GP help with recommending a more gradual phased return? I have arthritis in a number of joints and have worked in a few different places. I've had more than one operation and on the whole each employer has not been that sympathetic. I had a total hip replacement and my manager at the time was awful. He pressured me to be in the office even though I had complications and was in severe pain. I really regretted not asking my gp for a phased return.

    I recently had surgery on my which affects my arm and asked my gp if they could recommend 2 days a week working from home for a few weeks. It may seem like your going above a manager but having a professional opinion on your side I think can keep in people's mind that the recovery process is slow and steady. That way your far less likely to burn out.

    All the best

  • Thank you, x

  • Hi gailyb,

    I do hope your return to work goes well. Just listen to your body and try to forget that persons spiteful comments. Sadly it just takes one.

    Hope your boss continues to be understanding and supportive.

    Wishing you well


  • Thank you so much for your reply. They now intend of sending me to different branches to work in even though I told them I'm not driving at the moment due to a flare up in my neck. So they have resorted to cutting my hours again to 13 hours per week. I have a home to run and I'm bringing up my 16 year old grand daughter. They are so horrible, and the last thing my area manager said to me was " you will soon be better" I told her no I wont, This is me now and walked out.

  • I can't believe what I reading on here my manager was great, OCcupation health we're great as well I had a phase return for a month 1 day a week and was asked did I want short day shifts as I work twelve and half shifts , it's terrible what some people have to put up with, I do hope your feeling better.

  • Thank you Vonnie, I was surposed to be on a phased return also. It lasted 2 days.x

  • That's isn't right threaten your boss with a grievance damm cheek

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