Back at work

Done it !

First day today since January. Not the ideal time because I stupidly fell downstairs last week. A sprained ankle is not as bad though as the last flare.

Started  at 8am. Manager rang at 10.30 and asked me to go up to the office for a back to work interview. Asked if I had managed ok then said she has to do a phased return. Work an hour less today then off tommorow.  Got to ring another manager to see what I have to work the rest of the week.

Well that's me back. Found I was very stiff from sitting and struggling with parking.

No real help but I am working with physio and going to OT next month.

Time for a nap now. Shouldn't but want to work at football tonight. My colleagues there are brilliant look after me and have missed them.

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  • Great news,and at least you have a manager who has your interests at heart.

    Hope you have a good rest this afternoon- thoroughly deserved after your first day back.



  • Thank you. Yes a bit tired now. X

  • Thank you. Did have a sleep x

  • Just popping off for a snooze myself Moomie but just to say pleased your first day is done & I'm sure your footie friends will give you a big welcome back. Will pm more later. x

  • Thank you NMH.  It will be good to be back with me boys!

  • Thank you. It was good to see everyone.  Flopped into bed last night with a throbbing foot but happy.

  • Sounds like you need to rest it up then today. x

  • Well done you--- hope you enjoy  the catch up this evening  ☺x

  • Thank you. Yes lota of hugs and cuddles. I am lucky really. X

  • Pleased for you

  • Well done you! 🤗 

    Glad to hear you're taking a nap cos pacing seems to be the key with this RA thing and work.

    All the best


  • Thanks yes beginning to find this out x

  • pleased to hear you have managed to get back at work. Carol x

  • Thank you. Was nervous but done it. X

  • Pleased t hear your back at work, pace yourself and take it easy xxx

  • Thank you, and good luck to you with your biologics. X

  • Thank you eveyone for your replies. I was tired had to walk the dogs before doing my eving little job. Did manage a nap in betwen though. Fell into bed last night I was stiff and sore. My foot was burning and itchy.

    Mentally felt happy though and pleased to feel back into the fold. Inpatient with myself because it was hard work walking around and felt like an old lady.  But I WILL get there with physio and going to go to a exercise G.p referral at the sports centre. 

    Spoke to a manager today re my hours for the week and this time they have been helpful. Just parking which is a problem.

    Hope you all have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.

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