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Advise for pip

I've not been on the site for a while but need advice, I have been really bad with my Ra and I'm trying to see if they will up my pip to the higher level for mobility as I'm very bad well it was until I went to see the specialist and she gave me a Hugh boost of steroids, it has helped but I now have a pip assessment this week and I'm afraid they won't see the real pain I'm usualin and they stop it altogether, don't know what to do any advise would be great

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What pip


What is pip


PiP is the new benefit that replaces DLA, PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE PAYMENTS, from the Government"


I was put on a course of steroids due to really bad pain but it coincided with my PIP face to face assessment and I was feeling so well that I got a totally inaccurate assessment! I am now appealing the result but be warned!


You will need to continue with your assessment tell them a about your bad days and how often over 60% of the time ect, as Cathy 777 says be careful in the way you exsplane things to them and get updated medical evidence


Citixozens Alice gibpve a template for a diary to complete, maybe this may help?



I was refused PIP because I work but as I said work is destroying me I have Osteo arthritis and RA and both knees are ruined and on the list for new knee which can't come quick enough as I'm on two crutches now but was only on one when I had my face to face.

It wasn't about the fact I can Barely walk it was the fact that I can get myself on n off the loo and get washed and dressed my self that lost me my points.

the fact I can interact with peolpe although I can only socialise with peolpe who understand my needs as otherwise I'm a complete mess .none of that had any bearing on their decision at all. The fact that I'm in hurendous pain means nothing to them but because Im able with massive struggle to work you get penalised for it. And loosing my job soon with not a hope of getting employed like this , but still I get knocked back .n no point in apealing as the things I lost points on where the things I stated above. The system needs to change big time and they need to view peolpe and Wether they are fit enough to work and if they have a progressive illness it should be given without argument.

So I wish you luck and stress to them just how bad things are, I've given you a little hint above for the things they look for.

Best wishes



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