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Dla to pip

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I was on dal full care and mobility but when it changed to pip I got full mobility low rate care 1point of full care ..because of the short fall in money from care .I got an allowance of 22.00 a week to help it was welfare reform .today I got a letter to say it stops after a year .not sure wither to contact pip as my conditions are worse but I'm worried they will reassess Me as I got pip for 5years I'm scared of losing mobility .Any advice amy

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I think they review after a year Amy65. They sent me a form to see if there were any changes. Still waiting for result.

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Thankyou I didn't know that .hope u don't mind me asking did u put down any changes x amy

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Yes I did. My arthritis has actually got worse. Also change to biological meds.

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Thankyou hope u get a good outcome .I'm dreading in case they do reassessment as assesor was awful had me in tears .I'm worse to been told need 2knees replaced and feet very bad can hardly walk paid private 125pounds to podrist for insoles and nails cut still in agony .I was on biologics for 14 years their a good drug just stopped working for me .so I'm in agony now c rheaumtoglist in Nov hope to start biologic tablets their new out xamy

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My assessor had me in tears too, my husband was there to supposedly help me but he shushed him saying he couldn't hear 2 people at once, fair enough but also told him not to prompt me. This guy in the report said I didn't need prompting, hmm really, I'm not stupid but also being hypothyroid I need help to get things across. He did award me enhanced care but standard mobility, I will appeal this part. I really hope you get somewhere with your care, will be thinking of you.

Rebecca xx

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Thankyou Rebecca sorry ur assessor was nasty to it's awful what we have to put up with .hoping as nettienet says they send out form to ask if there's any change in circumstancesx take care Amy

Sorry to hear things are worse for you Amy. Generally the DWP review PIP around a year before your award ends, though it could be less, mine wasn't due to run out til December this year & was contacted last April. So, if you've some considerable time left for your award to run I would think it would be a Change in Circumstances you'd need to apply for. If that's the case you open a review of your current award & may be asked to attend a face to face. It would be really helpful if you could provide medical evidence of your worsening conditions, I couldn't at the time I considered C in C so decided to wait until I was sent a review notice & pleased I did.

It needs thinking about, or maybe discuss it with whoever's care you're under, see if they can provide evidence to support a C in C.

All the best if you decide to go for it.

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Thankyou nomoreheels it's only been a year from assessment I got it for 5years so I'll have to c what to do .I'm visually impaired and getting an op for implants in my eyes to c if it helps vision also feet very bad been referred to podrist as I'm borderline diabetic so a lot going on just stressing in case I lose all pip if I put in c in c x thanks again appreciated it amy

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Ok, so in actuality it would be around 3 years before you have your PIP renewal. If you decide to go for C in C the possibility of losing all your award is a consideration, though I don't know percentages of this occurring.

Just thinking, do you have a date for the op for the implants for your eyes? Thinking as the DWP do, if you include your reduction in vision as something which hinders you they may not see that as a C in C as your vision will (hopefully) improve after the correction op. It may not be seen (again hopefully) as a long term condition because it could be resolved with the op. I'm trying not to underestimate how it currently affects you but you've to think long term as the DWP do.

I included in my renewal how my feet are affected, that I have regular Podietry appointments, backed up by Rheumy & Podietry evidence. I didn't have written evidence of either when I sent in my first PIP claim even though they were in a state, though only 2 months after my assessment I had lots of evidence, listing all the things wrong with my feet. I'm not borderline diabetic so don't know if that's something they'd see as long term, if it's not medicated that is, or if they'd accept you're likely to become diabetic, that may come under C in C in the future when you know if it's going to become a long term condition if that makes sense? Not sure if that would count if you included it.

I hope I've not confused you. 😳

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Hi nomoreheels they know I'm registered visually impaired sent eye consultant report to they as my eye condition is auto immune there is now cure no might just give me a line on eye chart if I'm lucky have been interior eye drops and tbs since 1997 with this condition so very hard to treat .I also have cronic kidney disease rheaumtoglist took me of nsad arcoxia due to renal failure have his letter to go copy .so yea a lot going on lol.think I'll wait till they contact me two thankyou I appreciate it x amy

I had the same, I was one point short of full Mobility because I walked from the reception to the interview room. I’d just had a steroid injection and told the Assessor that I was having a good day but she ignored me! I applied for a Mandatory Reconsideration and sent a letter from my Consultant confirming what I told her. They awarded me the extra point and I kept my car. You should definitely reapply but make sure to send every letter you have from the hospital and ask your Consultant for a supporting letter.

I was on indefinite DLA due to Spina Bifida from birth, now with RA chucked in to the mix I went through the DLA to PIP transition and now it seems I’m not ill enough to qualify for the mobility side, I was 2 points short, I done a mandatory reconsideration and still no change I give up! The whole system is a joke!!

So true I was the same got full dla for life after appeal .yet pip things we are all better it's a joke .hoping the rule 're long term conditions comes in soon stops all these face to face assessments take care Amy x

Thankyou everyone for ur help advice it's appreciated x amy

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