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Hi. I already get lower rate mobility DLA and medium rate care for a mental health problem but I'm contemplating applying for PIP now (before I'm called to interview) because I've only been diagnosed with RA for just over a year and thought it was worth telling them. All my blood tests show RA and inflammation but I don't get much swelling and it's hard to explain how it affects me as it moves around different joints quickly. Reading some of the stories on this sight make me think I not bad enough to warrant enhanced rate mobility because sometimes my pain is only minimal. However when I'm in a bad way, I can't do anything and even changing gear or lifting up the handbrake is impossible. Do you think I should risk applying? Thanks

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I have standard mobility and have to use a automatic car with adaptions to handbrake due to my systematic ra I was advised to wait till they sent for me it's up to you how you feel your conditions have changed these medicals are so unpredictable

Mmm, it's a tricky one. Personally, having gone through the PIP rigmarole & depending on how long it's likely to be before you're called for changeover assessment anyway I think I'd wait to make sure you have plenty of evidence having only been diagnosed relatively recently. On the other hand if you do have appropriate evidence it could be an idea to set the wheels in motion if in your area it's a lengthy wait from receipt of completed form to assessment.

Despite valid reasons now being dealt with with under Podietry I wasn't awarded anything for mobility, not helped as I had no written medical evidence due to my Rheumy team not including my worst affected joints, my feet, in the DAS exam at the time so not written in reports. I did score some points but just short to qualify for standard award, though I did get enhanced daily care. I did request mandatory reconsideration but again without further written evidence from my team the award was upheld. We've had to change our car to an automatic because I could no longer depress the clutch, change gear without pain or pull the handbrake on, solved by foot controlled handbrake (if you know what I mean!) which is released by a handle, far easier.

Not sure I've been much help but if there's anything I can help with just ask.

I think if it were me I'd leave things as they are. Even with intermittent problems with walking, I would have thought you'd be very unlikely to get more than low rate mobility I - the mobility test for PIP is much tougher than it ever used to be for DLA and you have to be virtually unable to walk to get the high rate (and that would be most or all of the time, not just some of the time). Best way to make up your mind though is to look on one of the websites like benefitsandwork and go through the assessment criteria one by one and see if you think it adds up to enough points to make it worth the risk of reapplying - remember too that they will also reassess your care component at the same time and the criteria for that are also different for PIP. Remember too that it isn't the diagnosis that counts, its the level of disability.

There is a link on the Disability Rights website to a ruling made where somebody appealed. Basically it states that walking with pain is not walking to am acceptable standard. Perhaps a read through might help you form your decision.

I understand that A DLA awards will be called for a PIP assessment by summer 2017 and that most will get a PIP form by the end of the year anyway. So I would suggest waiting until then and using the time to gather as much evidence as you can, ready for that assessment

Thanks All. I think you're right. I will hold off as long as possible.

I'm similar to you.I do get lower part of disability.I couldn't get it higher even though I struggled to walk to the corner and always held onto my husband. In their analysis I walked.I am holding off too changing to PIPS even thou I now have another auto immune disease.heard so many horror stories where you don't get anything

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