Feeling poorly can you help

Hi, question has RD anything to do with allergies?

Symptoms : sneezing coughing wheezing & iching

History : 5 years ago I was (bar a serious accident) very healthy. Then all sorts of weird things started happening, to cut a long story short I have RD OA Inflammatory A & palindromic rheumatism. My body doesn't tolerate pills very well so I can't take painkillers. I've had two steroid injections which were terrific but didn't last very long. So I only take hydroxy.

Anyway about that time I found out I couldn't wear mascara ( ended up looking like I'd done 10 rounds with a boxer) then lipstick ( blisters) then face makeup then shampoo etc.. in the meantime I would have sneezing fits constant running nose. Eight weeks ago I caught a cold it was nasty & I ended up with me in bed for a couple of days but since then I've felt so unwell, blocked nose sneezing coughing (dry) itchy throat & so so tired. Went to the docs sinus infection antibiotics given made no difference went back saline drops given. Due back to see him on Tuesday. But I reckon it isn't an infection but an allergy which may be connected with RD. If anyone is still reading I'd appreciate your wise thoughts before I go back pls 🎄

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  • I don't know, however I have had a variety of allergic type symptoms over the past two years. Sneezing fits, persistent cough, allergic reaction to wasp sting, and a DMARD. Sinus issues and dietary problems. I have psoriatic arthritis.

  • Hi Caza....the first thing my present Rheumy asked me (10 years ago) was if I'd had allergies as a child. I thought he was nuts...but of course it's all the immune system.....I come from a'family of women ( males not affected) who had either asthma, excema or Hay fever as children....I had the latter badly..had Kenalogue injections at 16 to get through exams.

    Thankfully I grew out of most of my allergies...but in my late 50's RA appeared. I too was diagnosed with Palindromic Arthritis originally but it soon progressed to RA.

    In my 20's & 30's I had umpteen sinus surgeries...but now don't suffer from that.

    I found by far the best treatment for sinusitis is inhaling & if you have an old electric toothbrush....use the back to jiggle/massage across your cheek bone under your eyes...sounds crazy,,but it really does seem to loosen all the mucus that is harbouring all the infection. A camomile tea bag in a bowl of water works well, but I prefer menthol & eucalyptus.

    Hope this helps. If it's any consolation I can't remember the last time I had a cold & I reckon it's because I got all that nasty stuff out of my sinuses.

    Merry Christmas !🎀🍷🎀

  • Thanks for your reply, I never used to get colds. I don't know it's all very strange.

  • Thanks for the suggestion about using an electric toothbrush!

  • I forgot to say you use the back of the brush...I told a friend &'she used the bristle side...guess it could work, but a bit abrasive on the skin!

  • You did say to use the back....and I've tried it and can now make my ears pop again after having had blocked eustachion tubes and a dull headache for weeks!

  • Glad it helped...I get some very funny looks when I tell people this old trick...but as you have found it does help clear out the sinuses!

  • I hadn't even realised that they were blocked, my chiropractor told me! I'd been wondering why I had funny sensations in my left ear, and why I had a headache all the time. Good thing I've got it sorted before flying next week!

  • Do take care before flying..I was an airline stewardess for25 years & I looked after many people who had ear problems because of blocked ears after a cold. Rupturing an ear drum is rare but not a good way to start a holiday !

  • I used to have awful problems with my ears when flying but pressurisation is so much better now I don't even take chewing gum with me....might this time, just in case!

  • If you feel your ears blocking up... When flying ....wiggle your bottom jaw from side to side...works a treat!

  • I've tried it, it really works doesn't but I think in my case not for long 😞

  • It has been shown that people suffering from chronic sinusitis are very often allergic towards cesin that you find in dairy. So eliminating all dairy products from your diet often make a big difference.

  • Thanks for your reply, that's interesting I have a bad reaction to wasp stings as well.

  • You could have developed an allergy towards hydroxy?

  • I never thought about that, I'll check the leaflet but I don't think so

  • Have you ever thought about trying an anti inflammatory diet? Where you try to eliminate allergens. Just by starting eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar for a month may make a difference.:)

  • Well it's only been of late & to be honest I don't eat dairy or add sugar to anything. I'm very fortunate that I don't like chocs biscuits cake etc.. I think my diet is pretty good & I've never been over weight, as I said it's more by luck than will power. So I don't think it's food related.

  • An allergenic reaction is triggered with very small amounts of the allergen once you have developed the sensitivity. So its not a question of eating almost without dairy, sugar or gluten. If you really want to know if these foods are players in your current situation you need to leave them out of your diet all together for a period.

  • Well else fails then I'll give it go after Xmas. Thanks

  • Sorry, if all else fails^

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