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Be careful what you wish for!!

After all the blogs about colds, flu, dentists etc, spent most of last night awake with a very sore throat, sneezing and feeling rough and on top of that severe toothache. Now got an emergency appt with the dentist at 2 this afternoon. Hope he can sort it out for me as don't relish putting up with this whilst I wait for an appt with the dental surgeon at the hospital. It seems as if the tooth (which he repaired 2 weeks ago) has become incredibly sensitive and I daren't bite down on it as it is so painful.

Spent the morning sneezing and coughing so it looks as if it will be no MTX tomorrow and possibly no anti tnf on Thursday either. Think I picked it up from the grandchildren as Olivia not too good a couple of weeks ago and Matthew was clearly running a temp. as well. Took 500mg of paracetemol and 200 mg of Nurofen together after breakfast, which has helped and also sat with some heat on my poor face. Even got ear ache as well with the cold. So many aches and pains today, don't know which is causing what!

Berry pup very sympathetic - he is a really licky dog so have had my face washed by him this morning as he was clearly worried about the heat pad on my face.

So off to the dentist at 2 and then the chiropodist at 5. It's all go today,

LavendarLady xx

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Toothache earache one of the worst pains, then you have RA to contend with too.

Hope the dentist appointment goes well for you this afternoon and you can get some relief, ear ache could also be connect with the teeth so hopefully it is and you haven't got another problem lurking away!

Having a cold too doesn't help makes you feel rotten,your right no MTX or Anti-tnf by the sounds of it.

Dogs can always sense when something is wrong and just the look on their face is enough to make us feel a little better.

Hope you start to feel better soon LavendarLady.

Take care

mand xx


oh Mand, i wish there was something i can say that hasn't already been said, only i hope that you are feeling brighter now that you've got some pills.

Love Sylvia.xx


oh dear Lavender.. this is a dental. saga.. the 2nd person in a couple of weeks

hope the appointment goes well.. do keep us informed

Love Alison xx


oh no Lavender Lady, i hope i didn't contaminate you, you poor thing - mine is well gone so i hope you get sorted out very quickly. Can you get anything for the earache? Do you have the diclofenac (its volterol in the shops)? Unfortunately you can't take that with neruophen but i thought it was the best. I am sure you have all the right medication to try and get you through so wrap up warm and i hope you get better very very soon.


Hi Dottie - nothing worse than toothache apart from RA ache! sounds like you picked something up from the grandchildren too! Have you tried Oil of Clove - it's probably passed that pain by now - but worth a try.

Take care

Julie xx

p.s. By the way you are in trouble with Silageman, I am looking for a doggie because all your stories with yours made me realise how much I miss having one around. :-)


Right. Got back from the dentist with a prescription for anti biotics. Taken the first one - it is a 5 day course. Due back to dentist on the 20th for x - rays on the wisdom tooth. He doesn't think there is an abscess there but doesn't want it to develop! Thinks the tooth may be dying but will know more once he has the x ray. Is still talking about referring me to the surgeon at the hospital if it has to be taken out! He did say the anti biotics should settle the tooth down and stop the inflammation.

Went to the chiropodist for a 5 p.m. appt to be told it is actually tomorrow!

I really am losing my grip today.

Sorry Julie about the dogs - tell Silageman it will be good company for you and save him having to be around!

Thanks everyone. Still on paracetemol and nurofen which combination seems to keep the pain under control. Will see what happens once the anti biotics have run their course. Don;t want toothache whilst we are on holiday!

LavendarLady x


Oh LL,

It really is the time of year for dentists & colds. My cold has cleared up after 5 days as you said! i skipped my mtx on Friday, and I do feel achy this week. I will do my humira injection in morning and have a nice lie on..

My daughter had two crowns done last week. My hubs had a root canal done this morn, and I got a text from my pal Liz this eve to say she had an absess, on anti biots, and would probably end up having root canal and crown.

So must be something in the air....

Get better soon.

xxxx Gina.


Hi All, had a rotten night last night, and ended up in the spare room so as not to disturb Himself. Feel like death this morning. No MTX or anti TNF this week and not gone into work either. Didn't think anyone would be too pleased at me spreading my germs about!

Joints etc aching which I think is the cold rather than the RA. At least I hope so. Taken some paracetemol this morning as tooth still irritable although not as bad as it was. Friend coming round at 11.30 for coffee. Said she would wear a mask - cheek!

Berry just frightened himself to death as knocked the lid off the waste bin in the kitchen - nearly jumped out of his skin!

Himself off to a local school to teach the students how to prepare for interviews. He did the same thing about a month ago and was very pleased at their reaction. So I have the older lab Tilly with me as well this morning.

Gina, dentist did mention root canal. I recoiled in horror and said no. Hardly worth it for a broken wisdom tooth! A friend had that done and talk about horror stories - even my old dentist advised against it years ago.

I think you are all right - there is something in the air. I wish it would go away!

Love LavendarLady xx


Hi Lavender Lady - I had a tooth die on me a few years ago and while dying it was exceptionally painful - as painful as childbirth and an abcess and I've done both a few times! After the tooth was dead my then dentist did root canal treatment on it. I was really worried because when I had this treatment once decades ago it turned into a huge absess I asked for it just to be removed but he advised against this because it was a large molar and would leave a big gap and he felt it worth saving.

Maybe not the case with a wisdom tooth so far back though? This Czech dentist has left now unfortunately but did the whole thing with no anaesthetic because he said I was in so much pain with dying tooth I probably wouldn't feel anything anyway and he was quite right! Be very careful if you have the wisdom tooth removed because the hole (open wound in mouth) it leaves will then make you very vulnerable to germs - so you will need to keep swilling mouth in diluted TCP or salty water all the time to keep mouth extra clean until it heals.

Sorry you have landed so many painful problems all at once poor you - it never rains eh....Tilda x


Thanks Tilda for your advice - that's very helpful but I still think I will stay away from root canal work. The wisdom tooth is in the lower jaw right at the back and very difficult to get at. When I had a large molar taken out some 2 years ago, my dentist was able to make a bridge for the gap which was good and never had any problems with it.

Feeling absolutely rotten this afternoon - cold has really come out now and I have cancelled the chiropodist (much to his relief) as I am sure he did not want me sneezing all over him. Achy and headachy, coughing well, come close to throwing up a couple of times with the coughing! I hate this time in a cold as the 2nd day always affects me very badly. Not looking forward to tonight as doubt I'll get much sleep again. Feeling really sorry for myself at present and keep telling myself it's only a cold but being asthmatic, it usually goes onto my chest and causes more trouble. LavendarLady x


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