How long is a piece of string?

Morning peeps- hope this cold, crisp morning finds you as well as can be expected?

I have a question: after my appointment to apply for funding for biologics (Cimzia in my case) how long have you all had to wait before starting?

I live in Essex- not yer typical Essex girl innit😆, so I suppose it will depend on your postcode, time of year etc? The clinical nurse advised me that it could be anything from days to months!

Thanks in anticipation of your wise words 🙄

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  • I really can't tell you but it's sooner rather than later

    Good luck

  • Thanks matilda_1922.

    But isn't that another one of those sayings lol 😅

  • Hi Moomin. I'm also from Essex, but my rheumatologist is based in Redbridge, luckily has a clinic near me. I waited 4 months for funding to be agreed then arrangements with Healthcare at Home to send a nurse out to show you how to use it, this was 8 years ago though. Hope you don't have to wait as long. Good luck. X

  • Thanks Gigi71- you fill me full if hope😆not lol

  • It seems to take ages and then when I had the drug sat in my fridge the company nurse rang but could not come out for another 3 weeks!!! A call to my rheumy nurse and she was here before the end of the week. Hope it does not take too long and most important actually makes a difference for you. Farm

  • That must have been sooo frustrating!

  • Morning Moomin. I live in Kent so not a lot of difference, I had a hold up with mine because of a negative TB result but once that cleared up it moved quite quickly.

    The hospital send off the form to apply for funding, that I am told is returned promptly your Consultant then signs it it then goes to pharmacy at the hospital who counter sign and send it off to the drug supplier. In my case Health at Home, I am also on Cimzia, they contacted me within a week and visited with the first injection a couple of days later.

    All in all once the process starts about 4 weeks.

    Hope all goes smoothly

  • Thanks smithfield - 4 weeks I can manage 😊

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