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Is this a reaction to increase of methotrexate?

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I went to the rheumatologist this Tuesday. She said I was to increase mtx from 10mg to 15mg which I did yesterday  (Wednesday). Since that day I've had a runny nose and sore throat. My family have had a cold recently so is this just a cold or a reaction to increased dose? I went into chemist this morning to ask what I can take for it. She said nothing and that I was to go straight to the docs today! I've made an appointment for 5 tonight but feel a bit silly going along with a cold? I feel I should give it a few days to see if I feel better..just thought I'd ask your opinion.  I know we can't give medical advise on here but what would you do?

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I think it's probably just coincidental, I wouldn't think it's due to your increase in dose, particularly as your family has also had colds but also just being out or at work with other people we're open to getting anything that's going. The Pharmacist was a bit ott, all that was needed was to let her know which meds you're taking & suggest what should or shouldn't be used... certain cold "remedies" for example have codeine added so if you're prescribed co-codamol you've to be careful but basically you could make up similar, they're not often much more than you could buy separately for far less money. Usually if it's viral your GP will suggest you sit it out but if it's gone onto your chest & become bacterial or you're running a temperature you may be prescribed an antibiotic, particularly as you're on MTX. My old comfort drink is hot water, honey (Manuka if poss as it has antibacterial properties) & a good squeeze of lemon, fresh if poss, really eases a sore throat & can also release any troublesome phlegm. Paracetamol may help if you're not taking any other meds with paracetamol in. Keep hydrated & resting up over the weekend would be good. I've avoided colds for about a couple of years now in spite of my h having them & the only thing I've done differently is have more nectarines or mandarins, (3 a day not the 1 my h has) don't know if it's just coincidental but it's no hardship!

Were you offered the flu vaccine this year Moomin? If not you may have slipped the net being relatively newly diagnosed but as you're seeing your GP do ask (if you want it) if you can be added to the call list for next October time when most GP surgeries start their Flu Jab Clinics. Not all surgeries work the same but most people with long term health conditions & other at risk groups, diabetics, the elderly etc are offered them as a matter of course.

I hope it doesn't last long & doesn't affect your breathing but if it does please go back to your GP asap, better to nip it in the bud than risk it worsening, without wishing to concern you we're best avoiding a lung infection, we're twice as likely to have them than those without RD. 

I agree with nmh it does sound as if the pharmacist was a little cautious but I find the one in the village is the same. I went in for some dermacream the other week and you would think I had asked for pure opium.She was not willing to give to me without my seeing a Doctor dispute my telling her he has prescribed it in the past and I use it on my mild eczema and no it was not on my face.

Go to your doctor and have it checked he might at least prescribe something that you can take to help the symptoms.

I also eat at least 3 satsumas a day plus raspberries and blueberries .I cannot remember the last time I had a cold dispite numerous grandchildren.

Having said that....

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Thanks Smithfield ☺

I've decided to dose up on paracetamol. I suppose what we have sets off all sorts of alarm bells...

I think I might try the 3 satsumas a day as a lot of people seem to benefit from that regime.

I will say that haven't had a cold for about 5 years! And I work in a primary school lol 😂

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smithfield in reply to Moomin8

Give them a try they can certainly do no harm. And 5 years in a primary school without a cold is remarkable going.

The folic will certainly offset some of the effects of methotrexate.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take Care.x

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Moomin8 in reply to nomoreheels

Hi nomoreheels☺

I've decided to cancel the docs appointment.  I'll see how I go. My tongue is sore it might be a reaction. I'll dose myself up on paracetamol for now. The rheumatologist told me to start 5mg folic acid 3 days after mtx as usual but then to continue it for 4 days (inc day 1) Maybe that'll help. I've had honey and fresh it❤

I always have a flu jab (privately) early Sept as I work in a school so that's covered thanks.

I'll try and rest up..when I've cooked dinner and brought the washing in off the line. ..and helped my daughter with her AS revision! 😆

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nomoreheels in reply to Moomin8

A sore tongue could be the MTX, warm water salt wash or Corsodyl something like that may help & avoid spicy food until it's no long tender. Increasing the folic acid should help so let's hope it eases next week. It might be worth asking your Rheumy nurse what to do when you have a cold next time you see her anyway just to know basically!

Enjoy your evening, that should be about an hour then. :)

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Moomin8 in reply to nomoreheels

Oops! I've cooked a curry!! 😂

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nomoreheels in reply to Moomin8

Do you have any plain yogurt if it's a spicy one, that can reduce the burn?

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