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Mid life crisis

Or perhaps non specific rage at my illness. Whatever it is I appear to have a sudden desire to get a piercing! And then some Botox! And I think at this stage I am past caring... but I really don't know if it's ok to do those things on methotrexate. Does any one know? Happy to make a complete fool of myself in so many ways but don't want to bring more health issues crashing down around me.

Would love to know if you have any experience on either of these.


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No idea about the botox as its so intrusive and possibly a potential problem but as long as piercing is done by a registered practitioner they use fresh sterile needles and apart from small local reaction i would have thought you would be fine, the problem with dentistry and methotrexate springs to mind but i guess its all the toxins that can always be present and abcesses etc that are of concern with extractions etc so maybe oral piercings you should ask first. But you go for it girl!! I hope the whole experience is erm "uplifting!" x


I wouldn't do the botox unless your face is actually falling off. No idea if the procedure is problematic with RA, I'm just seriously prejudiced against botox. Anything that's got 'tox' in its name surely should not be inserted under our skin .....

But I really just meant to say that this post made me laugh, whatever you do, enjoy!


Hi Bon...I went through something similar recently and was considering fillers...which were OK as long as they were the "natural" ones I decided against it though...for the time being and went for something less abrasive. You will always get the grow old naturally brigade giving you advice but if it gives you a boost than do what's right for you! I checked with the medical professionals first though of course and remember BOTOX is used very successfully for a lot of medical conditions, I just don't think there's enough known about the long term effects at the moment's the thought of my face being frozen and unable to move it that I wouldn't like 😉 Good luck with your research 😊


Thanks everyone! Not prepared to give in gracefully, but true - I am a bit scared of the Botox...


I asked my rheumatologist if Botox and fillers are okay. She said yes. I am on Methotrexate.


dunno but will watch 4 replies re botox as have ghastly frown lines from pain and at [nearly] 74 i too still give a toss - and recgnise the rage... good luck . Anything [almost lol] 4 a boost xx

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I read this and had a chuckle only cos I have days where I feel similar and have been contemplating a tattoo. I figure the piercing is low risk and reversible.

Ps was advised against the tat due to possible infection risk they may say the same to you



I don't want botox or piercing (already have ears pierced) but at the age of 63 next month I'm really considering a tattoo, just a small one. However, since reading the post from Nik above perhaps I'd better get over the longing!!


I had a tattoo while on methotrexate. My Consultant was ok with it. Look after it while it's healing. Also had 2 piercings. I'm very pleased with mine! We only live once!


My rheumy and dermatologist both said Botox is fine. I take metho as well. I have also had Botox several times with no problems. The med only goes into the muscle and I think the results are subtle and really nice. I have found it also helps with my headaches.



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