Yesterday i overdid it a bit. I polished hoovered,ironed and one or two other things. I also went to town in the morning. By last night i was exhausted,so after my bath i got in bed to watch tv. I slept very well for me at least.

This morning i can't really be bothered and i don't know why. I have sat and read the sunday papers,but i haven't got round to the mags yet. I feel so tired and i don't any energy at all. I know the ligaments in my knee are stretched and are giving me hell. My head says that i want to do something,but my body won't let me. I have the washing on the line as it is a lovely morning here at bulkington towers.

I wonder if i should just sit and wait for it to pass,but i hate not being able to do anything. I think i will have to sit and and be waited on today.

Have a lovely day all of you and i hope you don't get caught in any of the rain that is with us at the moment.

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Hi Sylvi

I know what you mean. I felt like it yesterday as I've been achey, stiff and sore in multiple joints since friday evening after work. I did not what to loose all the day being in bed, so I forced myself to pop up to the shops and take the dog out for a small walk at the same time, - at least I done something!

Less achey today, but still a bit stiff & sore in knees and hands. I am gonna do a hot wax bath on hands later to see if that helps.

I still have to clean the bathrooms and do a wash, but the sun is in and out here, so I'll use the dryer to dry them.

Really boring stuff and I am fed up of it really, but doing the stuff means you are still active and fighting the fight against ra, so when I can I do.

Enjoy your day and I hope your mood picks up.

Take care

Sci x



Love the flowers are they chamelia's or roses?




Be waited on today Sylvi, you did well yesterday.

My house needs a good hoovering but i haven't even got to the shower yet - i am sitting watching Clare Richardsons battle with food, children are in the playroom and husband is at work and i put the dogs in the cage cos its clothes shopping later.


Love your Cameilia piccy. I have had aches n pains & fatigue all week, and I havnt done too much, so you have my sympathy Sylvia, I hope you feel better soon.

Take it easy, Gina


I wish there was a magic pill that i could take that would make me move a bit quicker. I don't feel depressed just can't move and i have no inclination to either.

Here comes the rain again.



Hi Sylvi - maybe it's the fibro that's sitting heavy on you today too? Also I find amitriptyline leaves me feeling a bit hungover if I don't take it early enough too - like today. Just give in to the lethargy as you had a busy day yesterday. Hopefully Monday will be better for you re energy. TTx


Thanks TT,i don't plan on doing anything,i will be glad when the rain goes away. Some water shortage,as soon as thees a hosepipe ban it b""""y well goes and rains non stop!!

sylvi xxx


Just listen to your body.. I cane home from work in wretched state friday I was exhausted, I had overdone it too!, been busy at work and short staffed and I had the extra hassle of having had two french students stay.. they went home v early fri morn!

So fri night went to my local pub had 175ml of wine small fish and chips, part of a pudding, soak un bath and early night, then on saturday started on mountain of washing and cleaning( has all their bedding to do and was behind with my work washing toom was in and out with the washing cos of showers. but took housework at my pace. with breaks, had friends for lunch and tea today, fairly quiet weekend though x


I hope that you rested between all that washing summer. Hope your ok, xxx


Hi Syvli,

Really feeling for you, you are going though so much, take things easy at the moment, you will pick up a bit, Sending you a hug, take care, Love Paula xx


I think you know what you did dont you?? We all overdo it when we feel good its so easy to get on with things that you havent been able to do and then afterwards we pay for it! I'm afraid we are all guilty of that one and have done the same on numerous occasions!

I drove down to my mums the other weekend 2 and a half hours and then back again 2 days later, we rushed around visiting family and shopping so when i got back i was extremely tired!! My own fault but i did have a good time but now i am paying for it as i had to rest for nearly 4 days last week to get over it!

The problem is the guilt, we feel guilt sitting down and resting! I realised i had actually watched a whole programme and not done anything else whilst watching it! I am usually sewing my sons school clothes or cross-stitching or something whilst the tv is on and then up and down doing washing or some such thing but i know i am exhausted when i can just about manage to make a cuppa and sit down.

So have a good proper rest and hopefully you will feel a lot better soon Sue x


Thank you sue. I have just got back from the doctors and i feel so fatigued. Bending my leg is getting very difficult. My gp still doesn't believe my knee will get any better after the op,but i really need to be able to walk. Thats not too much to ask is it.

Love sylvi. xx


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