Who said life would easier when the kids grow up

Well who did say that,whoever it was wants shooting. I've been down here most of the night. My joints don't belong to me, I don't know who they belong to, but they can have them back. I ache like i don't know what. My cold has decided to take over me and attack me along with my joints.

Thank goodness i have a doctors appointment this morning. I made it as my new specialist wants another x-ray on my leg and i was going to see about that,but it looks like she will be trying to sort my chest out at the same time.

So here i am at some god awful hour wondering what the hell its all about. I mean there's not many men who get this disease (no offence to those men who have it) Why do we have consultants who are experts in ra and not having the disease know what they are talking about. Little whine no offence intended.

Well thats my moan over with. I hope you all slept well and have a good day.

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There are some with women rheumys and GPs Sylvi but I know what you mean it's a male dominated profession - even more strange when a lot of gynaes are men? it does feel like a power thing doesn't it? I remember once when I was in the last stages of one of my labours (no 2 I think - which went dangerously wrong and scary) and my GP at the time wandered in and made a comment about the amount of gas I was sooking up "hey go easy on the gas young woman!" or something like that and the midwife turned on him and told him "have you ever been in this position? Will you ever be? NO is the answer I believe so just get lost!" and that was that and he raised both his hands in deference and ran for it - woman power! Just hoping that brings a smile onto your face at least - good luck with the doctor. I slept badly too but have a Polish builder and two sons with exams today tp get sorted and a hair cut booked for 11.30am so better pull myself together! TTx


Its hard work isn't it this living. Hope the day goes well for you.



Thanks I am desperate to get my hair washed and cut. It usually is too dry since MTX to wash more than once a week but this week my whole scalp feels as though it's crawling after only 5 days! Also my face has gone really spotty with little pink pimples that look like bites but don't itch. I've never been spotty ever but my hubby suggested I use some of the boys deep skin cleanser yesterday because my nose has gone like a teenager's?! I'm putting this new shift in skin quality down to MTX and contemplating getting my hair lopped off but the boys and hubby all shouted no when I suggested it at breakfast! I don't want to come home to disgrunted menfolk on valentines day really - plus hubby turns 50 on Sunday so he's in a bit of a grump anyway! TTx


My skin is really dry and I think it is the mxt too. I also get raised little pinpricks that look like spots that arent spots, wierd!! It must be the mxt causing it too. That drug is great in terms of helping joints, but it sure does have some wierd side effects doesnt it lol!!

Hope you both have a lovely valentines day!!


HI Sylvi

I have a woman rheumatologist Sylvi, but she is probably one of a few. Poor you, things haven't been good for a long time. See what the gp says, hopefully you will get something that will knock the infection away for good.


Hi all, mtx gives me those spots on my skin.they look red like little blood spots. i have to put e-45 cream on my skin as my arms look terrible. Tilda, if you want to cut your hair do it slowly so they won't notice as much.

Mads my nurse is a lady and she is great. Just spoken to my nurse and i must'n take mtx,this has been the 4th week without it. I will blog about my trip to the doctors, it will make you all laugh i can tell you.

love to all sylvi.xx


Oh dear Sylvi, You have been miserable way too long!!

Is that the same chest cold you have had since before Christmas?

I wish I could make it all better, but all I can do is send love and hugs to you

Maybe your GP can think of something to get rid of it all. Maybe it is an allergy??

The usual, stay in, stay warm, savour hot chocolate and Oatmeal raisen cookies :) That's my heaven :) Love you, Loret

Happy Valentine's Day!


My Rheumatologist is a woman, My G.P. is a woman, my dentist is a woman. My gynaecologist was a woman but is now a man (I mean I changed, not the doc Haha!) My endocrinologist is a woman, but with a chatty nice manner.

Coincidence, or design? I'm not sure. I prefer women dealing with women. My Rheumatologist is a prof of RA, and is married to a rheumatologist, they probably have a family of mini rheumatolgists at home, and a dog & cat ..... I am getting carried away. Lol!

Oh and my boss is a woman, but she is a b..tch.....



The ongoing cold is probably also making the joints worse.. Infections always seem to make the joints worse.. hope you get some relief soon.

Alison x


Thanks Alison, i wonder when it will all end. I am wondering if this infection has gone away at all. They x-rayed me and said that the chest had gone away,but if it had why am i on my 4th course of antibiotics.

I am a walking disaster area at the moment,i'm not safe to be let out alone.

You ok?

Sylvi. xx


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