I had a phone call this afternoon from Capita about my pip interview.The lady said you weren't in when our interviewer called. I said well it isn't until the 30th May,she said no it was last Thursday. I said well i was in and could have it was May. Anyway she wanted me to go tomorrow afternoon and i said i can't as i am down the hospital and she said what about Thursday morning at 8 am, i said i can't make that either as my hubby is on a course for speeding and i couldn't drive over to Leicester. So now i am waiting for a phone call for when the next appointment is free. I can't believe i got the date so wrong. Yes i can i have fibro fog and i can't remember a thing. Coming on top of a vertigo attack yesterday which left feeling very groggy today i feel completely useless. This Ra and all the other diseases that have come about because of it is making me feel whats the point. I am sure tomorrow i will feel different,but tonight i feel very low and very fed up with myself.xxx

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  • Date was 30th April I guess? How annoying, it could all be over & done with now. But they wrote to you didn't they. I guess we can all make mistakes so don't beat yourself up over it. My h went for a scan today, told it was requested by his heart Surgeon to check for post op aortic aneurisms. Got to our local hospital & it wasn't for that at all it was a request from his Colorectal Surgeon to check his gallstone prior to his gallstone op, so even the hospitals can get things wrong!

    Hope they reappoint it for soon & it isn't when you're supposed to be going to Cornwall. x

  • Yes we are. Now I have the worry of they make it while I am away. Xxx

  • With a bit of luck it'll be before you go then you can relax. x

  • Hay don't beat yourself up. If you didn't have your hearing aid it's heard to hear. Hope it won't be long before you hear from them. Chin up my friend it will get sorted eventually .xxxxx

  • Argh no! Done that sorta thing loads! X

  • We've all done it at some point Sylvi so try not to feel bad about yourself for what is just a simple mistake that anybody could make. Don't waste time and energy looking back at the mistake, just look forward to a new appointment date and hopefully a good result for you. Wishing you a better day tomorrow. Angela.

  • Oh Sylvi, its outrageous to be faced with such stress when you are feeling so poorly !!

    Hope they get you an appointment you can cope with, not too far to travel etc.

    I'm always making mistakes like that and I get so mad with myself. My daughters say I should be tested for dementia I am so bad, but it's hard not seeing or hearing well - they just don't understand mum is not the woman she was !!

    Are you on DLA and being transferred to PIP by the way ? either way, a worry you could do without. Lynda xx

  • Lynda,i was already on esa/dla and i rang to make enquiries about me being worse than i have been in the past,i didn't expect to go through this process. I have heard of scare stories of people getting turned down because they couldn't make appointments,well when they rang yesterday because today i have a hospital appt. also they offered me 8am tomorrow morning in Leicester and hubby is on a speeding course and there is no way i could be up and ready to get there at that time of the morning. It takes me ages to get dressed and ready in the mornings then i have to rest after i am dressed.

    Thank you all who replied to my post,i am so glad i have you all.xxxx

  • I would ask for another home visit as you only get out for hospital/GP visits, as it causes to much stress for you.



  • Thank you Chris.xxx

  • It's such a load of stress, all this PIP palaver. Shame on this government for putting us all through this !! Hope your hospital,visit today goes well. Take care, Lynda xx

  • Thank you darling.xxx

  • Thank you Lynda.xxx

  • Oh dear, glad I am not the only one! I write things on the calendar, in my phone, in my calendar at work and also as alerts that pop up during the day. I am sure they will call back with another appointment. best wishes.

  • I hope so darling i really do.xxx

  • I would be tempted to ring them if you haven't heard by Friday.

  • I think i will,thank you.xxx

  • So frustrating but in the big scheme of things it is a blip and will be resolved. I know, hard to feel like that right now.

  • Sorry to hear about this Sylvi, let's hope it's not too long before you get the appointment through. We all get brain fog and it's awful when it happens. Hope the hospital visit today goes ok for you. Xxx

  • Thank you darling,i hope they find out why my head goes funny and why i am sick with it as well. I am sick of being ill all the blasted time.xxx

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