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I had bloods taken by my GP's surgery 3 weeks ago, I saw rheumy nurse 2 weeks ago & had my bloods done! My surgery sent me a letter telling me to make an appointment with a doc to discuss my results. Despite trying I cannot get an appointment!! I rang rheumy nurse help line & nurse got back to me in half an hour, all she could tell me was my CRP was 59, expected really as I'm to hopefully start biological meds. What has happened to the communication between doctors surgeries & specialists?? It's even difficult trying to get a blood form from anybody, test results from ONE set of blood tests used to be shared between surgery & specialists. Now it must be more expensive due to the lack of cooperation between the 2!?!?

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It's all to do with their computers not being compatible. I saw my doctor today for my bp and some other problems. I have just started on Mtx and was advised the repeat prescriptions should be prescribed by my GP but my blood test forms are for the rheumatology dept. The GP still hasn't received their referral letter dispite me receiving a copy letter 2weeks ago. My last rheumatology appointment was the 21st July. So I had to go back with a copy letter to the surgery. We have agreed I should put my Doctors drop no on the form so they get a copy without chasing the hospital for the results. He doesn't doubt I am on mtx but because it's such a toxic drug he has to have it in writing. I seem to have to do so much running around lately as nothing seems to be joined up with nhs due to cuts and lack of money. Like you I believe it seems it costs them more in the long run. I hope it works out for you.

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Fortunately in this area the blood results are available to both the hospital and the general practices. But the specialised blood tests that I have sometimes are as incomprehensible to the GP as they are to me - so we both have to look them up!

And I have had the GP ringing me at home and saying "Are feeling all right?" (to which I answer "The same as usual.") and asking me to come for another blood test in two days because the results are all over the place. So I guess it does depend on where you are and how interested the GPs are in your condition or whether they pass it all over to the hospital.


You are absolutely right . I also experienced this communication breakdown . They used to have a card system which was shared by the patients , GPs and the specialists.I am afraid those days are gone ! But you should bug them for blood test results. If our CRP level and rheumatoid factor are raised you need medication asap to stop your inflammation and further damage of your bone structure. RA can be a crippling disease.

Good luck !



ONLY CONNECT eh?? GP requested chest x-ray at Hospital X as i had persistent cough, In the interim steroid nasal spray cleared it up [ prob post nasal drip]. X ray done by Hospital X but 'slght shadow' seen by gp so referred back to respiratory clinic forfurther checks.

Meanwhile my rheumatologist at Hospital Y tells rheumy nurse to phone me to stop mtx until clear results.

Consultant at Hospital X tells me she wants a scan of my lungs. this all over a 4-5 week period so now off mtx 3 weeks and hurting a bit. Rang her secretary at X who said she wd check with the consultant but it was marked as a routine scan. Said she wd phone back over a wk ago but still no joy. GPs have no sway so can only wait - between the Doc, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. at least cbd oil deadens the pains.

Ring a bell?? xx


Hi there my blood results are available to both no matter if they are taken at gps surgery or hospital I live in Wales and the nhs trust make all my results available to the trust that I am under and also soon they will be available to my pharmacist hope this helps you or make suggestions to the trust you are under


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