Fever from last one month

Hi i m having a fever from last 1 month .it started with a swelling in one of my foot then after some days in one of my knee.all my reports came normal except my tlc ,esr and crp count s are increased .

Doctors gave me antibiotics from 1 month but my tlc sometimes decreases then again increases . The swellings have now somewhat reduced but fever is still there .

Please please help me out of this as im not able to come to my routine.

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Hi Deepak, do you have low grade fever? Meaning, is temp always 99 or 100° c? A low grade fever means some auto immune disorder. Usually as far as RA if concerned, continuous fever means a flare. Fever occurs only when there is some inflammation. Please check whether you have any auto immune disorder.

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It is not continous


And also it was above 100 before but niw it comes between 99 to 100


Hi Deepak 1996,

If your fever has not improved I would suggest going back to your GP as they will be able to advise best on the next step to take.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Best wishes,

Nikki - NRAS


I have a swelling in my knee and foot too


Now my crp and esr have reduced but tlc have increased from 7k to 10k and dr have gave me a medicine for swelling ,pain and fever is it ok


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