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Hi all, do you wanna moan, groan, let off steam, tell us something funny, need some TLC or a hug then click here. I'm starting this post after a comment on my other one. Someone was in need of some tlc but didn't want to start her own post. I started wondering how many people read our blogs but don't like starting their own for one reason or another. I know myself some days I don't have a lot of time but would still like to know how everyones doing and catch up, it would be nice if I could do this on one post. I'm talking about all the general day to day stuff, the other posts are great for the specific things. I thought chatting on one post might help us support one another better. Anyway what does anyone else think, will it or won't it work. Is it worth giving it a try? I'm a complete novice to this, never even read a blog until I joined this site the other day.

If anyone wants to do this would it be better to keep this blog as open to all or make it members only..Babs xx

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  • Hi Babs

    great idea, sometimes I have wished this site was a little more like FaceBook where you can just pop on and do a quick comment, or interact with peeps :)

    I personally think yes to members only.

    Steph xx

  • Babs, a great idea!! we can put a quick comment on how our day went etc, or just come on to see how others are doing. Agree better for members only, what do others feel and think?

  • Hi Babs - I think this is a good idea as I like to try and read blogs most days but don't have energy to reply most times! This morning woken up feeling very alone & down & don't know why, just want a shoulder to cry on and haven't got one. Hubby not in tune with it all & really that makes it feel worse when I'm having a bad day!

    Keep up the good work everyone

    Love Sue x

  • Hi Babs - this sounds ok but like you say not sure how it could work on this site? I like the idea of popping on and catching up - like you say, like facebook. Sometimes you just don;t have time to wade through everything (especially when I get going!! doh!).

    Back along I thought everything was getting all mixed muxed up and useful information lost. Not sure how it could be physically done with a separate section being set up? :-) But defo agree with it.

    Julie xxx

  • good idea, i like scanning through in the mornings as its the only time i get near the computer, kids the reason why. I like taking sound bites to see how everyone else is. Not a good day for me today. Blood spots on arms and i ache, boy do i ache. Eyes swollen, knee fels like a lead weight,hands sore and swollen. Looks like an early day in bed for me.

    As for keeping it open to members only, i'm not sure, how are we going to get across to other people how hard and painful this disease is if they can't see what we're going through. I'm in the lucky position of having a brilliant hubby who is in tune with me. He works very hard at his day job on the railway and looks after me as well.

    Hope you all feel better than i do today.


  • Alison, thinking of you & sending you much love xxx

    Sylvia, I think this site can be viewed by the public, I personally like to be private & share with members on here. RA awareness is getting better all the time. Hope you feel much better after some rest xx

    Babs, not sure how this will work, as it will get longer & longer, perhaps we could do a weekly one? Or every few days?

    I had terrible insomnia last night, but not feeling too bad apart from that. Hope you all have a nice peaceful Sunday xx

  • On the whole, a good idea but the site can be viewed by the public at large. I think you can specify NRAS members only though? Don't do Facebook myself or Twitter.

    Sylvi, sorry you feel so rough - hope it will get better soon.

    Hi Steph, I had insomnia last night too - was very hot and put it down to the weather. Tossed and turned for what seemed like hours!

    Summer, sorry to hear you had to rush to A & E because of your dad. Hope he's ok. I agree A & E on a Sat. night is definitely not the place to be. Had my share of rushing there when my dad was ill. All the drunks littering the place. I personally wouldn't treat them- self inflicted.

    Do enjoy reading all the blogs and find them very helpful. LavendarLady xx

  • Good idea Babs, although as you observe I usually find it possible to jump onto other people's blogs! Or ask my own questions so often follow threads that are of specific interest to me at the time - ie ankle references when my ankles are playing up etc.

    Feeling a bit foolish because I didn't connect the right arm pain I was having with using the dog ball thrower a few days ago until I was walking him today - but then again I've been using it for years without ill effect?! Arm much better now. I always get so anxious these days when things kick off at the start of a weekend but now resolved just to sit and wait until rheumy finally writes to my GP with the anti CCP test results and what action he wants me to take if any. Resigned to hanging about impatiently for the long haul and am trying to focus on a big job application with deadline end of this month - but my concentration isn't what it used to be.

    Last few days of my aunt's visit now before she goes away back "Sooth". She's my late mum's younger sister and I hardly knew her before this past week. She's very relaxing to be with compared to my beloved mum who was high maintenance bless her! At first it was disconcerting having someone who sounds and has so many mannerisms of my mother but isn't mum if you know what I mean? It still makes my heart pound a bit now when she's downstairs talking to my middle son in mum's voice? Now I'm getting more used to it and will miss her when she goes. Actually it's made me miss both my parents more than ever strangely - but nothing i can't deal with.

    Think it would be better to keep it to members only. It's a bit weird to think that anyone (including our GPs, nurses, rheumys and members of the public) can access these discussions if they ever wished to - although I ticked the share box when I joined because it recommends that we do I think. I don't do facebook or twitter so not used to sharing stuff with the world? Prefer that it was just you guys really.

    Take care all, Tilda

  • Hi all, thanks for your comments. I think most people think this is worth giving a go, we will probably have a few teething problems but let’s see how it goes.

    Re: open to all or members only….. I’ve decided to go with members only. I take your comments on board Sylvia but the aim of this blog is for us all to support each other, not to inform the public. Having it open to the public may put off those who are more private by nature to post. There are already many very good blogs/questions on this site which are open to all and I’m sure there will be many more added.

    Re: blog length problem, good point. Maybe we should start a new one each week to start with and we can see if it needs updating more or less often. I think if everyone posts replies in the bottom box rather than answering each post individually that will help. Also we need to remember the aim of this blog. Which is for general day to day chat, the good, the bad and general aches and pains, if you have more specific questions or medical stuff to discuss please start a new blog/question. That will shorten this blog and more importantly allow anyone looking for specific RA information to find it easily in the future. IE: Sylvia made a comment about blood spots, I would like to know more so will start a new question. Get the idea, Simples!!!! Has one well known meerkat would say….

    Hope that suits everyone, if not speak up. I may have started this but it isn’t my blog, it’s for everyone.

    I’m off now to start the first one. Moan, groan, tell us if you need a hug. Don’t forget the funny things that’s happened to you or have read, laughter is the best medicine. If you’re proud of somebody we want to know. Byeeeee! See you in the next blog Babs xxx

    PS… I know many of you enjoy writing your own blogs, even about the day to day stuff. This one isn’t intended to replace yours, this is for those who for whatever reason don’t want to start one but still have something

  • I love this idea. Dont know about making it members only. I like to connect via my ipad in bed before I get up in the morning and I can never remember my login details so I can only read the open to all contributions then. But whatever people think, that's a lovely idea.

  • Sorry I missed the bit where you said you'd decided members only - that's fine.

    Could we find a way of indicating what day is what - at present we do know how many mins ago the blog was written.

    My update for today is that I'm feeling a little more lively. I've been at art summer school 9.30-4.30 and was absolutely knackered at the end of it. I was doing coastal painting but had collected the necessary stuff before the class started so that gave me an extra two mornings of free work time when the rest were down on the shore. I do feel though that I 'sell myself short'. Even after 10 years of having RA I'm still not used to it and dont really know how to project myself to people I dont know well. There was a little ceremony at the end of the week which involved standing around eating strawberries and being given certificates, and of course noone had thought to put out chairs for people who might find standing for almost an hour something of an ordeal. Anyway I suggested to the organiser that it might be a good thing in future to have a few chairs, and he was very pleased to have the suggestion. On friday night I also went to see some old friends whose mother has had RA for the same time as me. She hasnt had anti-TNF treatment (lives in London) and her hands are all distorted and she was finding it hard to cut things up. They cheered me up and I didnt feel so tired at the end of the evening. So that was good.

  • Hi Cathie, good on you for speaking up about the chairs, sometimes people don't mean to be inconsiderate they just don't think so the more people who speak up the better. Wish I was artistic, I'm rubbish. I've started the new blog and put todays date on it, will do that everytime a new one is started, probably each week.

    Babs xx

  • New blog started, members only. Babs xx

  • This sounds like a good idea -- I am new to R A and blogging !! So short clips would be better -- I also have an eye problem, so some days cannot read the bloggs.

    Best wishes to all


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