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Rheumatoid & Scarlet Fever???

Hi everyone, quick question I have Seto Positive RA and on Metoject 25mg. My 5 year old had Scarlet Fever 3 weeks ago and still has some symptoms ( peeling skin on fingers ) I have started with quite a sore throat that's started and progressed quite rapidly throughout the day! Should I be concerned?? Any advice or tips welcomed, thanks Jilly xx

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I think I would ring your GP surgery and/or your rheumatology clinic tomorrow.I don't know anything about scarlet fever, but I think they would all be happy to advise you. I really hope it turns out to be nothing in particular and goes away or just turns into a cold.

Good luck,

Dotty xxx


Hello BOB here

At the moment you are very quick to jump because of your Child, and need encouragement and your mind put too rest

Make an appointment with a GP as soon as you can. Take an early appointment, to put your mind at rest

All the best



Hi, thanks for your replies, Bob & Dotty, I am concerned as its highly contagious and i was the only one fully looking after him while he's been ill ( hubby was working ) I was only diagnosed in March so I'm kinda freaking out at everything at the moment and I know it could be just coincidence and maybe just a sore throat but before RA I was never poorly at all and since this has all started I seem to be constantly unwell with medicine side effects, allergies and illnesses. It's driving me crazy, I feel I'm forever at my G.P and feel I'm mithering them all the time.

I'll see how I feel in the morning then make a decision based on that. Thanks again x


You may not even need to see the doctor - it might be that the receptionist can ask the doctor and call you back, or you can talk to the practice nurse. And you're right, it is hard to go from never seeing a doctor to always seeing one. But the chances are it will settle down. I saw my doctor loads in the first year, having barely seen him at all for the previous decade, but am now back to not seeing him at all. In fact, mine has retired and I have yet to meet the new one. But when you need to go then that's what you've got to do - they understand.

Dotty x


Hi jilly, you should give doc a ring. First I hope the little one is improving it's awful when they are sick and so tiring. Second it is possible you could pick it up from the little one, the fact you have a sore throat could show that. Do you have a temperature? If so its really important to keep cool. As you probably know scarlet fever is caused by a streptococcal bacteria which often gives an extremely sore throat. Often the gp and when i had it, may wish to prescribe antibiotics for the infection. In certain professions eg nursing , you have the antibiotics and don't go back to work until your throat swab is clear.

So i would follow the normal advice for temperatures like drink plenty, you might be prescribed antibiotics by your gp, your Brufen will help the RA and the painful strep throat and temperature, And of course have a word with your GP. Don't worry about seeing your GP loads, you tend to see them a fair bit with your RA and when u have kids you are representing them too! So double visits! Lol.

Hope you feel better soon, I think nowadays scarlet fever although not nice at all , doesn't tend to be as dangerous as it was pre antibiotics and most people recover well. I hope you both feel very much better very soon. Xxxxx


Please try to contact a GP without going to the surgery. Or at least check out with the receptionist. Apart from you maybe being better off at home, resting, you risk infecting other people in the surgery. And I really hope either you havent go it or you recover very quickly.


What did they say?


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