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Why the low grade fever never leaves you

I have suffered from typhoid 4 times, and the last time i was treated my antibiotics but caused ulcers in my mouth , due to which doc stopped and hospitalised me in hospital and started injection but did not worked , and discharged me, when did the test like ESR which was 32 and and CRP which was 18 and typhoid titre was 320 positive, has reduced from half treatment got from doctors, but my low grade fever is still not leaving me my CRP is 12 now ,and have cramps in abdominal, very weak and fatigue and nausea and giddiness still does not leave me, i have seen 6 physics after that, they think i am stressed out now i dont have anything , but i don't understand how can doc say this if i feel all that along with my low grade fever its 37.7 now..confused what to do , i do have vasculitis problem does it relate to that or not , have no idea, coz doc cannot feel the pulse in my left hand i did angiograpy for that , the cardiologist have told me that there is high origin of artery only i don't have to worry , it will not effect my health its there since 6 years with my this no Bp dedection of my left hand, there is only feeble pulse they can feel , should i go for further invistigation or leave it as it is

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Who is monitoring your vasculitis problem? If you don't have a specialist who is specifically looking after that and monitoring it, then I'd say definitely get GP to refer you to someone who can and who understands links to RA and autoimmune conditions. Otherwise, if you are being well monitored by cardiologist and rheumatologist, then I'm not sure.

When did your low grade fever start? Has it always been like that? If so, it just might be your normal anyway. If you can point to it going up when something else flared up, then you probably do need more testing. If abdominal pain and gut problems are there, maybe you need to have some investigation by a gastroenterologist. It is possible you have something like crohns or colitis going on that is making the fever as well as you being unwell generally. Both those things are autoimmune disorders that can often go along with RA and other autoimmune conditions.


A Pulmonogist chest speicailist, physician ,Cardioligist and rhematologist and then they referred me for further investigation like doppler study or artery, which showed blood flow but in middle it disappears and then come again, i have seen 5 specialist internal medicine doctors ..coz i work myself in a hospital staff, but my problem was low grade fever due to which i feel very weak this fever and this condition is lately more in last 4 months

and Extreme heat in my body , very feverish feeling all the time, my recent blood reports alkaline phosphate is raise a bit from 126 to 143 and c reactive protein is 18, and Esr is 37 and hemoglobin is 11.2

For typhoid treatment they have given me taravid first,then ciprobloxin all caused ulcers, they hospitalised me and gave me a iv fuild with one kind of injection , for 3 days that also had reaction so they stopped all and now repeat the test , crp now its 12 and did not do other test and told me every thing is okk , forget about this they u have typhoid ...because if typhoid fever it kills , now u are not suffering from high grate fever, ..i told them i am suffering from weakness, fatigue, heat in body , nausea all the time and bitterness in my mouth ,what is all this causing then ..i have vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency i am talking tablets for these , but rest systems i am having , still cant figure out what to do for it ???????????


Forgive me for asking Emaan but your biography doesn't explain - do you have RA/ inflammatory arthritis or is the Vasculitis caused by RA and if so what disease modifying drugs do you take or are you on biologics? In common with many on this site I suspect, I know nothing about the symptoms of Typhoid. Is it connected with the onset of your arthritis or vasculitis? Your ESR range of 32 is not very raised and nor is your CRP although that depends on your age and gender of course but neither are through the roof so not quite sure what you are asking here? Sorry if I'm being a bit slow. Tilda


,My only problem is i cant understand why this low grade fever is not leaving me since 4 months, i know that my Esr is not that high, doc told me there is inflammation some where in my body, my WBC was also high , but where is inflammation they can not track down, i am not suffering from arthiritis , it might be vasculitis because all doctors cannot feel the pulse of my right hand, they say it cannot be detected , only a feeble pulse is there , my Bp is always high its 150/100...my only problem is my fever , heat in my body all the time, nausea, bitterness taste and headache all the time , i had typhoid before 3 times and now 4th time but half treatment was given to me by physician , further treatment brought ulcers the ciprobay tablets and so they stopped my treament in middle , i did not take the complete treatment from them, the titre semolina p and h was 320 .. now i did not checked after


Hi Emaan, is your problem sorted now? I am facing similar issues and want to know how you got out of it. I had typhoid 5 times in last 6 years and I still suffer from low grade fever.


Hi Emaan

I'm really sorry to hear about the problems that you've been having, but it sounds like you are really looking for medical advice, and I'm not sure that this forum is the best place for that, as it is more for patients to exchange experiences.

It sounds like you really need to make some notes about the things that haven't been made clear to you and sit down with your GP to discuss them. If you are at all worried about doing this, you could always take a friend along with you for support.

I hope you get some answers too.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Well i have suffered exactly the same time as u did and this low grade ever is makinh me crazy my body feels feverish abdomin pain and fatigue and it never gets up on thermameter and no doc in pakistan knws wat it is.. for them its all ok... are u fine now and if u r fine wat treatments have ya done to kill this feverish feeling


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